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Jade Grobler
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Jade Grobler is a South African – Australian fitness and bikini model and social media influencer born on 18 December 1977 in South Africa. Her hour-glass physique and drop-dead gorgeous looks have earned her fans all across the globe. Jade posts lifestyle photos on her widely popular Instagram handle and has her eyes set on becoming one of the top fitness models and influencers in the business. 

Below is a complete breakdown of Jade Grobler’s profile, stats, biography, training, and diet regimens.

Full Name: Jade Grobler

Weight Height Date Of Birth
110-115 lbs 5’6″ 18/12/1997
Division Era Nationality
Fitness & Bikini Model 2010 South African, Australian


Bikini model
Photo courtesy of Instagram @jadegrobler


Born on 18 December 1997 in South Africa, Jade moved to Australia looking for better opportunities. Growing up, she became interested in fitness and has been following a rigorous diet and training regimen ever since.

Jade Grobler started her social media journey in 2014, and her Instagram page has ballooned to over 1.2 million followers. Grobler has worked with several reputed and emerging bikini and fitness brands and shows no signs of slowing down.

Fitness model
Photo courtesy of Instagram @jadegrobler


Jade usually spends up to two hours working out every day. According to her, she might cut short her training routine to 45 minutes if she has other work commitments. 

Although Jade Grobler indulges primarily in resistance training, she occasionally does a little cardio and aerobics to help her maintain her lean figure and low body fat percentage. Typically, she’ll do cardio two to three times per week, for up to one hour per session.

Jade routinely switches up her training to ensure she does not hit a plateau. She tries different exercises in every workout to keep her muscles guessing.

For example, Jade has periods where she does not train her abs at all. On the other hand, while she is on a bulking diet, Grobler trains her abs routinely to bring them out and make them look toned.

Grobler emphasizes the importance of rest days and does not hesitate to take time away from her workouts to allow her body time to recover from her intense training regimen. 

Jade grobler
Photo courtesy of Instagram @jadegrobler


Jade Grobler takes her nutrition seriously. She always strives to eat healthily and stays away from junk food or cheat meals. 

Some of her favorite food include:

  • egg whites
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • berries
  • brown rice
  • spinach
  • codfish
  • lean meat
  • low-sugar fruits
Beautiful instagram fitness model
Photo courtesy of Instagram @jadegrobler


  • Fitness and Bikini Model
  • Social Media Influencer

Jade Grobler believes in following her passion. Her passion is fitness and health and wants to inspire others through her example. She is a prime example of what one can achieve if they stay true to themselves and do what they love. 

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