Jamie LeRoyce McTizic: I Was To Change Humanity As An All Natural IFBB Pro Champion

Jamie LeRoyce McTizic wants to inspire future generations of humanity by being an all natural IFBB Pro champion bodybuilder.

While not condoned by the pro league, it is widely assumed and understood that steroids are used in professional bodybuilding. This is not a requirement nor endorsed by any pro leagues but it is not tested. This allows athletes to compete using PEDs unregulated. It’s what leads to the mass monster inhuman physiques we see today on stage. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Jamie LeRoyce McTizic aims to be the first openly all natural bodybuilder to become a champion in the pro leagues.

We discussed with Jamie LeRoyce McTizic previously about his past history as a competitive bodybuilder. He earned his pro card as an all natural athlete. He then turned to steroids in an attempt to improve and stay in step with what is necessary to succeed in the pro league. This didn’t end well for him on an emotional and psychological level. He took a break and has now returned to competing in the IFBB Pro league. This time as an all natural athlete.

While there is no guarantee that all or most bodybuilders use steroids in the pro leagues. It’s widely understood and assumed that this is the case. Many have gone on record to say it’s impossible to win the Mr. Olympia without using PEDs of some sort. Jamie LeRoyce McTizic aims to change that outlook.

During the conversation, our interviewer, Craig Barton, initially assumed that Jamie LeRoyce McTizic was planning to return to the natural bodybuilding leagues. This isn’t the case. He’s sticking with the IFBB Pro. But he’s staying all natural.

Watch our latest GI Exclusive segment with Jamie LeRoyce McTizic above!

He knows this will be an uphill battle against the many athletes who presumably use steroids. But he believes he has the genetics and the work ethic to rise above and become a truly dangerous competitor in the league. He claims his life experiences all point to the fact that this is what he was born to do.

Jamie LeRoyce McTizic believes that we have underestimated what mother nature and our bodies are capable of. He thinks that many bodybuilders turn towards steroids before they even push their bodies as far as they can go. Jamie hopes to inspire an entire generation about what is possible. He wants to change the entire outlook of what pro bodybuilding demands.

“Things may be a little bit harder for me but that just means I’ll have to work a little bit harder,” Jamie LeRoyce McTizic states in our interview. He continues:

“And if I can do it the future of humanity, bro, they’re going to be like freakin’ terminators walking around. Because all they need is an example, the younger generation. If they see me do it then we’re going to have incredible athletes coming into the future of bodybuilding. All we need is that one person to show that we can do it. And I know I was born to do this.”

You can watch Jamie LeRoyce McTizic speak in further detail about his plans to become an all natural bodybuilding champion in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!