Jeff Nippard Talks Low-Carb Diets & Impact On Fat Loss, Reaching Overall Physique Goals

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Jeff Nippard believes there are certain benefits to this diet plan but it is not sustainable.

Jeff Nippard is a drug-free bodybuilder and powerlifter with a massive physique and serious work ethic that have helped put him at the top of the fitness industry. With a large following on social media, he uses his platform to promote himself, his training methodologies, and inspire others to create the best versions of themselves. During a recent edition of his newsletter, Nippard spoke on low-carb diets and if they are effective in helping people reach fitness goals.

Nippard was born in Canada to hard working parents, his mom being a bodybuilder and fitness instructor. As a result, he began to go to the gym at an early age. From there, he began putting on muscle mass and really bulking up and in his teens started bodybuilding, competing in tournaments and even winning some. Now, he shares his wisdom with other gym goers.

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Nippard began by discussing the most important part of a diet and that is making sure you are taking in enough protein.

“Long-term studies show that as long as you’re eating enough protein and you’re in a caloric deficit, the exact ratio of fat and carbs you eat won’t impact your fat loss over the long term.

In a longer sentence, a low-card diet can absolutely work for rapid weight loss (mainly because you see a big drop in water weight out the gate).”

jeff nippard
Image via Instagram @jeffnippard

Jeff Nippard: “The Best Diet Is The One You Stick To”

Jeff Nippard continued to discuss how cutting carbs can impact many other areas other than weight loss. Many people think that cutting carbs entirely is the way to go, but it might not be, as carbohydrates are responsible for more than just weight management. This macronutrient heavily effects overall mood and energy levels.

“Restricting carbs can also mess with your mood and energy levels, and can make it harder to recover from workouts for some people. Bottom line? Fat loss comes from a sustainable caloric deficit. The best diet for you is the one you can actually stick to.”


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Ultimately, carbs are necessary to a certain degree when weightlifting to make sure muscle fibers are not broken down too the point where they cannot grow back bigger and stronger. Nippard believes that protein intake and calories consumed daily impact diet plans and physique goals more than anything else.

“If your muscles don’t have enough carbohydrates, then your body is going to go to sources of protein in order to get that glucose, that blood sugar that it needs to run on…So long story short, if you don’t have enough carbohydrates in your diet and you’re exercising hard, you’re going to break down muscle tissue.”

Wrap Up

Overall, carbohydrates are necessary for bodybuilders to build the physique they want. When the muscles do not have enough carbs, you cannot recover and grow like you should. That being said, too many carbs can also be negative, so you need to watch your intake.

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