Rise To Power: Jeff Seid’s Life And Body Transformation

Jeff Seid’s rise to super stardom.

By this point most people in the fitness industry have heard of Jeff Seid. The young man has become an inspirational figure to many seeking to perfect their physical forms. Through his social media and video campaigns he’s been able to generate a large number of fans and followers. But Jeff Seid wasn’t always destined to become one of the industry’s most prominent fitness models. In fact, the path he was original on would see him taking on other athletic endeavors outside of bodybuilding. So what is the story of Jeff Seid? That’s what we’re here to find out.


  • Height: 6’0’’ (183 cm)
  • Weight: 210lbs (95 kg)
  • Birthdate: 12th of June, 1994
  • Birthplace: Renton, Washington, USA

During his time in high school, Seid was known as a talented wrestler, track and field athlete, and football player. He was so athletically gifted in fact that many different colleges around the country looked to recruit Seid into multiple programs. NCAA schools offered up scholarships for his wrestling and football ability and it appeared that the future was looking bright for the young man’s athletic career.

Then the unexpected happened.

During his very first football game of his senior year of high school, Seid tore his ACL. The absolutely devastating injury can be a career killer to many athletes and few come back the same after such a life altering trauma. That meant kissing goodbye to those scholarships for wrestling and football. That meant the burgeoning athletic career of Jeff Seid was likely at its end. Or at least that’s what observers may have thought at the time.

Beginning of a Journey

Rather than be defeated by the ACL injury, the young Seid decided that he would take a different path. Though his life would still revolve around athletics and fitness, his goals would change. Rather than being on the wrestling mat or running yards on a football field, Seid chose to dedicate himself to building up his physique in the hopes of one day becoming an IFBB pro.

Strength Wars Movie

Right before his surgery to repair his ACL, Jeff Seid discovered that the fitness world was making a major change on the professional level. While many may equate the IFBB with monstrous bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and Jay Cutler, things were indeed changing. Now there were new categories that catered to many different body types outside of the mass monster open weight division. Seid discovered the Men’s Physique division and rather than throw away the gains he had earned through hard work and dedication to his athletic endeavors during his high school career, he instead refocused with a goal to one day compete on stage against the best of the best in the IFBB.

Joining The IFBB

The young talent would begin to push himself in the gym, training consistently in the gym to not only perfect his physique, but to learn posing, to understand what competitive judges were looking for when he hit the stage and most of all how to win and keep winning. A year after his very first competition, and after competing on many different local shows, Jeff Seid would make it to the national stage where he would make history. At age 19, Jeff Seid became the youngest IFBB pro ever with his win at the nationals, forever cementing his name in history.

But as the old adage says, the real work had yet to begun and it was time for Seid to survive against a pool of the some of the best competitors in the world. After winning his first pro show, he was qualified to enter and compete at the biggest bodybuilding event of the year, the Olympia.

Olympia Challenges and the Birth of a Star

Seid would go on to face off against the toughest opposition in the world. The first ever Men’s Physique Olympia showdown included some of the most prominent competitors in the world in the form of Mark Anthony, Steve Cook, Sadik Hadzovic, and Jeremy Buendia. Jess Seid acquitted himself well in the contest and although he may not have won the competition, to be the youngest competitor on stage was in itself a victory. Since then his popularity has grown exponentially with the young man becoming a household name within the fitness industry.

With his return to the stage back in 2016, Jeff Seid has shown that he’s not quite done in the sport yet and could conceivably become a future champion. Time is on his side and he still has a ton of untapped potential. One thing is certain, Jeff Seid is one to watch.

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