The path after pro is not paved in gold.

Straight from The Vault: Jill Rudison turned pro in 2012 and has had over 10 years of bodybuilding competition experience under her belt. So to say that she is more than familiar with female bodybuilding is an understatement. The sport has taken some major strides over the past years – adding many new divisions that allow for a wider level of success among competitors. It has also seen some drawbacks (the Arnold Classic dropping the Ms. International women’s bodybuilding competition – for example).

We had a chance to sit down with Jill Rudison over the Olympia weekend and pick her brain about the current state of female bodybuilding and where it is heading. Jill Rudison has no qualms telling it straight, “Women are still not equal to men.” She’s got some thoughts to back up that claim too. Check it all out in the video above.


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Cover photo courtesy of Samantha Kelly Photography.

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