Joey Swoll: Blessing Awodibu Is Great For The Sport Of Bodybuilding

Joey Swoll looks analyzes the most promising young bodybuilders rising in the ranks and highlights Blessing Awodibu’s contributions to the sport.

Joey Swoll might not be a competitive bodybuilder – but he is deeply passionate and involved with the sport. Which is why upon reconnecting with him for an interview, we asked for his thoughts on the Olympia 2020. We also asked for his thoughts looking towards the future. What up and coming bodybuilders seem primed to become a rising star in bodybuilding? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Joey Swoll discusses how Blessing Awodibu has both the physique and personality to bring something great to bodybuilding.

Blessing Awodibu is a bodybuilder who garnered a lot of attention going into the Indy Pro and the New York Pro in 2021. This is certainly due to his physique looking impressive on social media updates. But it’s also because of Blessing’s ability to stir up controversy and hype leading up to the show.

Blessing started up a rivalry with up and comer Nick Walker, who was also set to compete at the New York Pro. The rivalry led to some back and forth trash talk. It lit up the internet in bodybuilding. It was exciting, sometimes controversial, but 100% in the front of everyone’s mind.

Ultimately, Blessing Awodibu fell behind Nick Walker and placed sixth at the New York Pro 2021. Walker landed first place. This was somewhat disappointing to fans fo Blessing. But to Joey Swoll – that’s not too much to be concerned about. Blessing is still relatively new to the competitive world of bodybuilding. His physique shows promise and can always improve.

Joey Swoll believes that Blessing Awodibu is great for the sport of bodybuilding. He’s bringing an element of entertainment and excitement to the sport. If he can continue to combine that with a threatening physique – we can have another Kai Greene type athlete on our hands.

“Blessing, that kid, I think he’s great for the sport. He’s very, how do I say this, he has a lot of personality,” Joey Swoll states in our interview. He continues:

“He brings a lot of character to the stage. He’s not quiet. And I love that. I love that there was a little bit of beef between him and Nick. I didn’t get too involved into it but I like that. It’s good for the sport. It creates some, like you know, everyone is always going to talk about Phil and Kia. When Phil and Kai got beef and got on stage next to each other that was probably the most exciting Olympia finals ever.”

Joey Swoll goes on to clarify that it’s important to know the difference between competitiveness and disrespect. A rivalry and some trash talk is good for the sport, it helps engage the fans, and creates more drama. But if it becomes disrespectful, that’s not professional. That’s not what a pro athlete should represent. It’s a fine line – but Blessing seems to be the kind of guy who knows how to walk it.

Joey Swoll also mentions other standout rising stars such as the aforementioned Nick Walker and also Hunter Labrada. These athletes all show incredible promise that is starting to solidify in recent years. A new generation of athletes are on the horizon and the future looks bright.

You can watch Joey Swoll’s full comments on Blessing Awodibu and other young bodybuilding hopefuls in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!