Joey Swoll Reacts To Chelsea Star Mocking Man In Gym: “This Is How You Want To Represent Yourself?”

Chelsea Star

Joey Swoll continues to speak against toxic gym culture and this time, it was involving a Chelsea star.

Joey Swoll is a fitness star that has built an incredible reputation on social media defending those in the gym that do not have a voice of their own. Recently, Swoll reacted to a mocking video shared by Chelsea star Mykhailo Mudryk on Instagram.

Mudryk, a 22-year-old winger, is in the midst of his first season with Chelsea. To this point, he has struggled for his new club. Mudryk has not scored a goal and has two assists in 14 matches. He regularly shares videos of himself in the gym and has become known for his work ethic. This time, he decided to post a video of a man on his story working out.

The man, who was working out under the guidance of a trainer, was on a rowing machine. Mudryk captioned his video with a question mark and this caught the attention of Swoll.

Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll: “Put Your Damn Phone Away”

The video caught the attention of Joey Swoll because of the nature that it was posted. He made one of his edits speaking against toxic gym culture and defended the man while speaking against Mudryk.

“So you see that man at the gym working hard trying to better himself with a trainer, he’s in an embarrassing situation where yes, he is a little exposed and you decide, hey let me take a video of it to post on social media to make fun of him all for attention, really?”


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Joey Swoll knew of Mudryk and commented on his status on Chelsea and how he should handle himself in the public eye.

“Pardon my language, but what the f*** is wrong with you?

And you’re a professional soccer player, you play for Chelsea in the Premier League, is this how you want to represent yourself and your team?”

Swoll has shared many videos defending those who do not have the platform and has done it in a respectful way. In this video, he showed a bit more emotion and called for Mudryk to offer advice or “mind your own business.”

“Either help him or mind your own business but put your damn phone away.”

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