Joey Swoll Launches Line Of Low Calorie Sauces Called Taste Flavor Co.

Bodybuilding personality and entrepreneur Joey Swoll launches new brand of low calorie sauces.

Joey Swoll, a top name bodybuilding personality and also co-owner of the popular supplement brand RYSE, has founded a new brand called Taste Flavor Co. It’s a brand that creates and sells low calorie sauces – aimed at bodybuilders and fitness athletes looking for a healthier way to spice up their meals.

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The brand currently carries three sauce flavors: spicy garlic parm, cilantro lime ranch, and cherrywood chipotle BBQ. The big draw to these sauces is that they contain only 10 calories per 30ml serve. They also contain no artificial ingredients, are gluten-free, and are low in carbs and fat.

“That’s a very untapped industry that’s related to fitness that people haven’t touched on.” Joey Swoll states to us in a recent interview we conducted as part of our GI Exclusive series. “The thing is, everyone wants to have better tasting food. What I always preach is dieting doesn’t have to suck.”

According to Joey Swoll’s recent Instagram post about the launch of Taste Flavor Co. – the initial response is a massive success with the product “flying off the shelves.”


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TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! @taste_flavorco . ? 10 CALORIE SAUCES ? Gluten Free ? All-Natural ? Low Carb & Low Fat ? No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Ingredients ?? Made in the USA US ?? SHIPPING ONLY $4.99! FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $30 OR MORE! TO ORDER CLICK LINK IN BIO -> @taste_flavorco Taste is a collection of gourmet, all-natural sauces made in small batches right here in the US. At Taste, we understand that few people have the time or patience to cook healthy, delicious food. Instead, you might end up having dry, poorly seasoned “clean” food or succumb to the comfort and convenience of fast food. That’s not sustainable or healthy. That’s why we created Taste Flavor Co., the world’s healthiest sauces that allow you to indulge in decadent flavors without sacrificing your health. All our sauces are keto friendly, gluten-free, low carb, low sugar, low fat, and free of all artificial flavors and ingredients. The best thing is they contain only 10 calories per serving, making them the best choice for your health and the health of your family. Never trade calories and convenience for taste again. Pick up a bottle, pour it over your favorite meal, and enjoy. #POWERTOTHEPALATE

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A bodybuilding diet is especially seen as bland and rigorous. It’s often touted as the hardest part of being a successful bodybuilder. Joey Swoll has lived an entire life of fitness – so it may stand to reason he might know how to make a healthy alternative to making a bodybuilding diet taste a little bit better.

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