Joey Swoll Reacts To TikToker “Berating” Man For Leaving Squat Rack: ‘He Didn’t Deserve the Way You Spoke To Him’

Toxic Gym Culture

Joey Swoll defends a gym goer who was being berated for leaving a squat rack for a few minutes.

Joey Swoll continues to use his platform to attempt to spread the word about toxic gym culture around the country. He has been reacting to different videos on TikTok and did it once again defending a man who was being talked down to by a female TikToker.

In the video, you can hear the words coming from the woman filming. She is upset that the man left his stuff near the squat rack while he went to do something else. It is unknown what the man was doing but he could have been supersetting with another workout. He apologizes for the encounter but the woman continues to speak aggressively toward him.

During the interaction, the man offers to have them work in but the woman and her friend claim they only have an hour to workout. She continued to tell the man how he should be acting in the gym.

Joey Swoll Defends Man On The Squat Rack

Joey Swoll has been defending people who are wrongly accused of toxic gym culture and this is another example. He first explains that people need to be conscience of others and not stay on a machine too long.

“Be wary of those around you. Don’t take forever on a machine. Let people work in, whatever the case may be, don’t step away for long periods of time like this man did.”

Swoll then dives into this particular situation and explains that the man could have been supersetting before coming back to the squat rack.

“However, that doesn’t mean that he has to come back from supersetting or whatever he was doing to somebody with a camera in his face recording him and then threatening him that you’re going to post it online.

He immediately apologized to you and asked if you wanted to work in. He stayed calm the whole time. He didn’t deserve the way you spoke to him, you berated him, you swore at him and told him how to act.”

Joey Swoll continues to discuss how the woman even went to management and inquired about the man’s membership being revoked.

“Really? You think he deserves that? Guys, the gym is a shared space. You’re going to be around people that you sometimes don’t agree with and not everyone is going to follow gym etiquette to a T. We’re human beings. We make mistakes and that’s okay.”

The bottom line is that this situation could have went in a different direction if the woman approached the man in a different fashion and that is what Swoll is trying to get across when it comes to encounters in the gym.

“Situations like this can always be resolved if you stay calm, you’re kind, respectful, and simply have a conversation.”

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