Joey Swoll Defends Gym Worker Who Is Called A Pervert By Female TikToker

TikTok Gym Culture

Joey Swoll continues to speak on toxic gym culture and defended a worker in his latest video.

A trend has emerged of gyms becoming a place that could have a toxic culture, especially toward females. This is something that Joey Swoll has spoken out against using TikTok. There are many videos shared of this on the platform. In a recent video, Swoll defended a gym worker who was accused by a female of being a pervert for staring.

The interaction got heated when the female thought that the worker was staring. She asked the worker multiple times “do you need something?” The worker eventually threatened to call the police and have her removed from the gym.

The video was deleted from her account but still blew up on social media. This is when Joey Swoll stepped in and decided to make a video on the incident.

Joey Swoll Spoke To Gym Worker

Joey Swoll has made it a point to speak for others who may not have the platform that he does. In this case, he defends the worker for making a quick glance at the female.

“Just because somebody glances at you briefly when you’re taking your pump cover off doesn’t give you the right to post a video on social media labeling them as a pervert. This has consequences. This can have a serious effect on someone’s livelihood, their reputation, their family. It’s not something to take lightly.”

Joey Swoll continued to explain how he spoke to the worker following the incident and believes that he was not in the wrong.

“I had the privilege of having a conversation with this young man last night. He’s a good kid, a kind-hearted young kid and he told me more about what happened.”

“First off, he’s not a trainer. He wasn’t training that man. He’s an overnight gym attendant managing operations of the gym. This is about one in the morning and if somebody gets out of line or acts like this, he absolutely has the power to call the police or ask you to leave. So, he was not wrong in doing so. Also, he never said ‘oh damn’. If you watch the video closely, he briefly glanced at you when his friend looks.”

Swoll acknowledged that there are instances where men have harassed women in the gym but this was not one of those cases.

“He’s the father of two beautiful young girls, working overnight to help support them and you tried to take that away from him. You need to do better than that and mind your own business.”

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