Joey Swoll Defends Man Who Is Falsely Accused Of Staring At A Female Gym-Goer

Joey Swoll continues to defend actions in the gym speaking out against toxic culture.

Joey Swoll is at it again. The fitness personality has gained even more popularity in recent months as he has used social media to show examples of toxic gym culture and speak against it. In his recent example, Swoll is defending a male gym-goer who is being accused of staring at a female while she is working out.

This is not the first time that Swoll has shared a video of a female accusing a man of staring. In January, Swoll shared a similar story but the man was just trying to watch the television that the female was blocking. In other instances, there have been ego lifters and outright rude lifters who try to make other people look foolish.

In this video, a female gym-goer is preparing to do an exercise with dumbbells. As she is getting ready to perform her set, there is an older man that can be seen looking in her direction for a few seconds. Swoll explains that this is a normal occurrence, especially in public, and that the man was not harassing the woman.

“You also say normalize not staring. You were in this man’s peripheral. You picked up some weights. He looked over for a few brief seconds to see what you were doing and then he looked away to mind his own business. I do this. People are in a public space. People are going to look at you.

There’s a difference between staring like a creep and simply looking at somebody to see what they’re doing. Women are harassed and disrespected at gyms. You are not one of them. You need to do better. You need to mind your own business.”

The caption on Joey Swoll’s post reads “Women are harassed in gyms and it needs to stop. This is NOT it.”

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find stories about females being harassed while at the gym. This is another way TikTok is being used as females share stories on the platform to get the word out and make sure that it does not happen to anyone else. Swoll believes this was taken too far by the female.

“In the video, you say, ‘minding your own business’.

Well, in reality, when you’re filming in a public space, you’re not really minding your own business. It’s okay to do that, but you need to be respectful of others.”

Joey Swoll also calls out the female for filming inside the gym, which has become more common over the years. He explains that this is not minding her own business and this could take up unnecessary space.

Swoll has made it a mission to defend those who are wrongly called out or exposed in the gym for different reasons. He does not believe the man was doing anything wrong in this video and wanted to make sure that people improve themselves in the gym. This is the only way to eliminate the toxic gym culture.

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