TikTok Fitness Influencer Shares Strange Voicemail Left By Gym Employee

TikTok influencer @kenyastephh claims a gym employee stole her phone information to leave the voicemail.

Unfortunately, there have been recent stories coming out about female gym goers being approached or harassed by other gym goers or employees. This is something that has come to light again on TikTok. Fitness influencer with the username @kenyastephh shared posts to her TikTok account showing a strange voicemail left by a gym employee on her cell phone.

In December, two news stories went viral where a gym member actually followed a woman home after her workout. Another instance came to light about a creepy gym goer approaching a woman while working out and spotting her without consent. This is not appropriate behavior for the gym and this is why women are beginning to share their stories.

The most recent came from @kenyastephh where she shared another instance to her 17,000 followers on the platform. She claims that her phone information was taken from the database at the gym and used to make a call.

““Hello, this is EOS Fitness… I saw you doing glute spreads,” a man can be heard saying in the video before cutting out.

The fitness influencer continued to explain the incident in her caption and got plenty of positive responses from commenters.

“Friendly reminder to men to please not do things like this. This is very scary, too many weird things happen. I’m sorry for the women and wish this wouldn’t happen. I wasn’t in the room for more than five minutes and I got the call. I always wear a jacket around my waist to avoid this stuff. I was just trying to take some pics before my workout.”

The user @kenyastephh reported the incident to the gym manager asking her name and information to be removed from the database. She shared her location while performing the exercise and expressed how this can be a scary thing for females at the gym.

No one was hurt in this incident but it seems to be something that is happening more frequently. Gym goers are beginning to share their stories and put others on notice. The gym should be a safe place where people go to better themselves, both physically and mentally. It is a good thing for stories to be shared so the proper punishment be handed down.

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Greg Patuto
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