Joey Swoll Continues To React To “Toxic Gym Culture” After Woman Refuses To Share Equipment

Joey Swoll spoke out against a female TikToker who refused to share equipment during supersets.

Joey Swoll has built a popular TikTok profile thanks to his videos speaking out against toxic gym culture. In a recent rendition, Swoll commented on a female gym goer who would not share equipment with another while performing a superset.

Swoll has found some viral videos online and made his own statements. The gym is a public place where many find unpleasant interactions, whether male or female. In this instance, a woman spoke rudely to another who was trying to work on a machine. This is similar to another video Swoll commented on where a female berated a man who was trying to use the squat rack once she walked away.

In other instances, females have been treated with inappropriate behavior or have falsely accused others of such behavior. This is why Swoll has started making his own videos to set the record straight on some gym culture that might be viewed in the wrong way.

Joey Swoll: “You Need To Do Better. Mind Your Own Business”

In the video, a woman was performing reps on the lat pulldown machine when another woman went to use another machine. The TikToker claimed that she was using that as well, rather than allowing the woman to work in.

“You’re upset that the woman didn’t ask you if you’re using a machine that you’re not on, not actively using, while you’re on another machine actively hitting a set,” Joey Swoll said.


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The gym is a place where some feel entitlement and could use their egos to think that they are better than others. That is what Joey Swoll is trying to speak against, especially in a video such as this.

“You decided to post this to bash her just for likes and attention… It’s really sad that people want to post videos like this, that you think you own the gym and can treat people this way. You need to do better. Mind your own business.

“First off let me say that woman did nothing wrong. I also think there’s nothing wrong with supersets. However, when you’re at a gym that gets busier, and somebody walks up to use the machine that you’re supersetting on, it’s normally good gym etiquette to let it go or have a conversation with them like a human being and just work in with them.”

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