John Meadows “Mountain Dog” Memorial Fund Setup on GoFundMe

A memorial has been setup on GoFundMe to help the family of John Meadows during this difficult time.

It was a shock to learn the news of John Meadows’ passing. Meadows was 49 years old and this was as unexpected as they come. Now, the family of Meadows is receiving help during this time.

Carbon Culture’s Jeff Cavaliere setup up a GoFundMe page as a memorial to John Meadows. This is to help his family during this difficult time and to have fans give back. Meadows was big figure in both the bodybuilding and strength sports’ world where he was able to impact the lives of many.

Right now, the account has over $84,000 in donations and is heading 2,000 total donors. On the page, Cavaliere wrote a heartfelt tribute to Meadows.

“John Meadows was an iconic member of the fitness community who touched many through his youtube channel and coaching. With his ‘give first’ mentality, John helped millions achieve better fitness and strength…one video at a time. His contributions to the industry are countless, however most notably the Meadows Row (named after him) has become a staple of back training for lifters worldwide,” Cavaliere wrote.

“As physically strong as John was, his greatest strength was his dedication as a father and husband. Never one to miss a football practice with his boys or to show off their newest yo-yo trick in a video, John’s motto was ‘family first’, and he lived it every day. He leaves behind his wife Mary and two wonderful twin boys, Jonathan and Alexander.”

The John Meadows “Mountain Dog” Foundation has a goal of $100,000 at the moment and it is looking like they will surpass that goal.

Cavaliere continued to write a message explaining his relationship and the kind of man that Meadows was.

“I personally am beyond shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of John. He was and will always go down as one of the true gentlemen in this industry. There’s not a soul alive that could say anything but great things about him. Whenever we would talk I could literally hear his smile through the phone when the subject of his boys came up. As fathers of twins we had an instant bond, rooted in both the extreme challenges and extreme joys that come with the task! He was scheduled to speak at my upcoming event In September and we were so excited to finally get a chance to shoot some videos together. As you’d expect from John however, he was going to fly in on the first flight on Thursday so he could be with his sons at football on Wednesday night. You will always be remembered and cherished by your fans as a truth teller, an incredible resource, and a class act. In addition to those things you will be remembered by me as an incredible father and family man for which I respected you greatly. I’m honored to have had the chance to learn from you. Keeping Mary and the boys in my prayers.

Rest In Peace Mountain Dog.”

John Meadows is a figure that will not soon be forgotten. His legacy will live on and there will be plenty of people who continue to use his impact as motivation moving forward.

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