Jose Raymond: You Should Never Do Bodybuilding To Make Money

Jose Raymond’s advice to young bodybuilders: don’t become a bodybuilder for fame or money.

If you’re a fan of the sport, it’s common to celebritize the top athletes in the sport. Like any other sport, truly gifted athletes seem larger than life. They accomplish things that are impossible for most average folk. Since the inception of sports as entertainment this has allowed for famous athletes to bring in big money. Suddenly, you have fans who are inspired for partially the wrong reasons. They want to become a star athlete simply to become rich and famous. In our latest GI Exclusive, Jose Raymond shares his key advice to young aspiring bodybuilders. Don’t enter the sport for the money or the fame.

During our interviews and conversations with pro bodybuilders, we always make a point to ask them to share advice for aspiring bodybuilders. The star athletes of today are directly responsible for inspiring the star athletes of tomorrow. So any advice they can share could help shape the future of the sport.

So when we asked Jose Raymond to share his key advice – it was less about specific workout or diet tips. Instead, it was about the mentality behind the sport. His message – don’t become a competitive bodybuilder motivated by money or fame. His reason? Only a very small percentage end up getting that kind of achievement.

Now don’t let this be discouragement from Jose Raymond. Far from it. What Jose wants to express here is a message about passion. Bodybuilding requires an entire lifestyle shift. Whether you compete or not. Whether you succeed or not. You will need to eat, sleep, and train under the strictest of circumstances in order to shape and transform your body. Even if you become successful at it – if you don’t love the process, you will never be happy. It’s just that much of a sacrifice.

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That reality behind professional bodybuilding is this – pro bodybuilders don’t make the same kind of revenue overall as other bigger professional sports. That’s not to say there are some who bring in big fame and big dollars. But if you compare it to a sport like football, where even the least talented professional player will make big money simply for being on a pro team, it’s a whole different ballgame compared to pro bodybuilding.

Unlike many other sports, bodybuilders don’t get paid if they lose. You only win prize money for gaining a top placing. And even then, unless you win first place at one of the biggest shows, you won’t earn that much money. Yes, sponsorships and entrepreneurial opportunities can arise from pro bodybuilding. But that takes work in and of itself separate from the work of being a bodybuilder.

Which brings us back to Jose Raymond’s advice. Bodybuilding is hard work. It’s the kind of day in and day out hard work that can burn out many people. So his biggest advice is for a bodybuilder to truly be passionate about the grind and the lifestyle. The money may come and go. The fame may come or may never reach your lane. But if you’re passionate about the sport – none of that will matter. Bodybuilding, at its core, is about self change.

Yes, you can be competitive and want to achieve greatness. That’s the key to any professional competitive sport. But you should make sure to fall back on one thing behind that – passion for the lifestyle of bodybuilding.

You can watch Jose Raymond go into more detail in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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