Jose Raymond: Why Is It So Hard To Believe Mike O’Hearn Is Natural?

Jose Raymond further defends Mike O’Hearn against criticism of his all natural bodybuilding claims.

Mike O’Hearn has been a bodybuilder in the public eye for many decades now. Throughout that entire time, he has stayed consistent with his claims of being all-natural. Many didn’t believe him and it caused quite a controversy. Most of that had died down after 30 years of bodybuilding – but the release of Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life reignited that criticism. Jose Raymond has been an IFBB Pro bodybuilder to stand up and defend O’Hearn. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Jose Raymond details why he is willing to believe Mike O’Hearn is a natural bodybuilder.

In the age of mass monsters, it’s hard for the public to believe that the gigantic muscle put on by pro bodybuilders is possible without the help of steroids and other drugs. While steroids are certainly used in some capacity in the sport, the reality between juiced up meathead and all-natural athlete probably falls somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

Yet still, whenever a massive and shredded bodybuilder claims publicly to be all-natural, they are often quickly criticized. It’s just not possible – or at least that’s what a swath of the public claims. There is no person who understands this more than Mike O’Hearn.

Mike O’Hearn has been bodybuilding and a public figure for nearly 30 years. In that time, he has always claimed to be all natural. Yet all this does is ignite anger in bodybuilding fans. They think he’s a liar. A fraud.

Watch our latest GI Exclusive segment with Jose Raymond above!

Jose Raymond has publicly defended Mike O’Hearn against these claims. That’s why during our video interview, we wanted to pick his brain more about why he believes Mike O’Hearn’s claims.

First of all, Jose Raymond does not care whether or not someone is natural. He does not judge a bodybuilder for using steroids. Yet, he is also aware of just how talented some bodybuilders can be. This is especially true when it comes to genetics. Jose is completely open to the kind of jaw dropping physiques made possible only due to good genetics. In some ways, fans don’t realize how much is possible without steroids.

Jose Raymond also points out that after thirty years, how has no one came out with any sort of evidence that Mike O’Hearn takes steroids? No one claims to have seen him take these drugs. After so long – wouldn’t someone leak it? This isn’t some sort of mass conspiracy.

Ultimately, Jose Raymond thinks it’s unusual to presume anything about someone you don’t know personally. We have no way of knowing anything about what goes on in Mike O’Hearn’s day to day life. That’s part of the downside of social media. It makes people think they know the details fo someones life. But no one can ever really know the truth.

Bodybuilding touts the power of hard work and dedication to bring out fantastic results. Many fans prescribe to the argument that taking steroids doesn’t mean a person doesn’t work hard. So why can’t that same mentality be given to natural athletes. Why can’t we believe that amazing things are possible by amazingly gifted people in the bodybuilding world?

That’s Jose Raymond’s main argument behind the controversial debate of Mike O’Hearn’s all natural claims. At the end of the day, O’Hearn has made it clear multiple times that he doesn’t care what others say or think. So perhaps the argument is worth shelving moving forward.

You can watch Jose Raymond go into more detail about Mike O’Hearn in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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