Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena Shares Home Back Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is following in his footsteps and already has an impressive physique that would make the pros envious.

Joseph Baena, who is sometimes dubbed “Arnold 2.0” because of the resemblance between his physique and his father’s back in the day, shared a back workout on Instagram that had fans blown away by his dedication. You can take a look at the video in full below.

Home workouts are essential to our routines now more than ever. As we enter into what could be the second month of quarantine for some of us — with expectations that this may go on for two months more at a minimum — determination, focus, and self-discipline become key to maintaining your physical fitness during this difficult time. Not to mention you will feel better, psychologically and emotionally, if you take the time to put your fitness first.

Baena’s back workout is a great place to start for those of us wondering how to workout from home without equipment. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. In this situation, that’s all you can ask of yourself; if you’re maintaining the same level of physical activity as you did when you could go outside, that’s a huge win. And take a look at some of the progress shots Baena has shared on his Instagram over the past few days. The results really speak for themselves.

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Perfect time to practice some posing!

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The ol mirror selfie selfie

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You won’t get there overnight, but it’s proof that a massive physique can be maintained even during difficult times. A back workout is a great way to keep yourself active and involved in your fitness, even outside the gym. Baena clearly prefers working out on his balcony — if you have access to a balcony, backyard, or patio, your workout can be one of the only critical parts of your day that you get to spend outside. Working out and being outdoors are both incredibly good for your mental and physical health, so don’t underestimate their ability to improve your mood in quarantine.

The other great thing to take away from this video is that Baena keeps self-motivating. Even without the physical and social experience of going to the gym and getting pumped for the workout, he manages to get himself excited about getting the work done at home. That’s another core component to home workouts. If you’re in your own house, it’s so easy to get lazy, to sit on the couch, to say to yourself, “oh, after this episode I’ll…” It’s a lot more difficult than the gym because of the sheer number of distractions that are tugging at your attention, not to mention the many ways you can lapse and be comfortable. If you can remain focused on your fitness, that’s even more important than getting a huge workout in. Consistency and self-determination, not genetics or luck or one single incredible workout, are the keys to determine your fitness. Lucky for us, those things can be cultivated in anyone willing to put the time in to learn them.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.


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