Jujimufu believes Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson were smart to transform their physiques for boxing.

What started out as beef turned into a boxing match. That boxing match transformed the physiques and lives of two legendary Strongmen. Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson, after trading some heated words related to Strongman, were set to face each other in a boxing match for a special event. Hall ended up suffering a bicep injury putting off the event (for now) but both athletes remained focused on their boxing training. Thor even set up different matches to get some competition experience under his belt.

Now both athletes have become incredibly lean and shredded – a far cry from their original Strongman size and shape. Both have been astounding fitness transformations – and Jujimufu believes it was the smartest thing they could have done for their health and longevity. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Jujimufu explains why now was the right time for both Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson to transition into boxing.

The idea of two Strongmen becoming boxers sounds a bit absurd on the surface. While these athletes are heavy lifters – that does not require nearly any of the required training and skill needed for the boxing ring. What could have been a stunt turned into an impressive life change for both Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson. Now over a year later, this seems like no stunt and rather a possible new future for both athletes.

Jujimufu is an athlete who is more than familiar with transitioning into a new fitness endeavor. Jujimufu started out with a life in calisthenics, stunts, and gymnastics and this past year transition into competitive bodybuilding to see where that leads. He just recently made his debut at the Olympia Amateur 2021. That’s why we asked him for his thoughts on Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson’s transition into boxing.

Jujimufu had nothing but positive things to say about the transition. In fact, he thinks that now was the perfect time for these two strongmen to make a change. They had already solidified their names as legends in Strongman. Moving to something new not only can lead to new opportunities but can also be a smart move for their personal health and future.

While strength is important in boxing, it’s also a very aerobic sport. Requiring endurance and bursts of speed. By not only focusing on strength and size, both Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson have made some incredible transformations to their physique. Thor in particular has dropped over 100 pounds.

“I think it was the best thing that both of them could have done for their personal lives,” Jujimufu stated in his interview. He continued:

“Because Thor just broke the deadlift record. Eddie Hall had the deadlift record for a while. They are both legendary strongmen in their own rights. But staying 450 pounds is not the smartest thing for their health in the long term… It’s genius. Let’s do a boxing match so it gives him a reason to lean down and get his health in a different state where he has more longevity. Thor looks amazing. He’s shredded.”

On top of the health benefit, their decision to do a boxing match has garnered a lot of attention. Will these two Strongmen become pro boxers? That might not be the case – but the matches Thor has done brought in numbers and certainly when he faces Hall it will be a blockbuster. This was a good business move and inspired them both to change their lifestyles possibly for the better.

You can watch Jujimufu’s full reaction to Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson’s boxing transformations in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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