Julius Maddox shares his thoughts on fake weights and accusations against bodybuilders like Brad Castleberry.

Julius Maddox is one of the most iconic powerlifters competing today. With that recognition comes some incredible strength and earth shattering lifts. Maddox’s strength is so shocking that it might break what you think is humanly possible. While Maddox is the real deal – there are allegedly many social media fitness influencers who use fake weights to trick audiences of their strength. It’s been a growing trend in the internet age with influencers getting called out more and more by fans and “got ya” YouTubers. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Julius Maddox reacts to fake weight lifters and shares his thoughts on fake weight culture.

These days it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to discern what is real and what is fake. The truth is being twisted and turned in all wakes of life – and many are blaming the internet and social media for the dispersal of fake fakes and fake news. This hits the bodybuilding and strength sports world in a strange and specific way. Fake weights are becoming increasingly more popular – that is if you believe the accusers out there.

Brad Castleberry is one of the biggest offenders that gets called out on a regular basis. His incredible feats of strength in viral videos are often called into question. Are the weights fake? Can someone of his size ever possibly be that strong? We spoke to Castleberry in a previous interview to get his own personal defense on the subject – but we also wanted to know what other powerful lifters believed.

Brad Castleberry lifting some impressive weight (above)

Julius Maddox is not only a powerlifter but one of the stronger powerlifters currently competing. During our video interview, we asked Maddox what his thoughts were on fake weight lifters like Brad Castleberry.

Julius Maddox states that he doesn’t care much for drama and tries to not pay attention to the fake weight craze. Like many elite athletes, he doesn’t worry much of the white noise around him and focuses solely on his ability to lift heavy weight, win competitions, and break world records. He also thinks speculation is pointless without truth.

Maddox admits he doesn’t know Brad Castleberry very well nor has he seen many of his videos. But Maddox takes things at face value. People in the fitness world make a living out of breaking records and achieving things that most perceive as impossible. So who’s to say what Castleberry (or other accused fake weight lifters) can and cannot lift.

Julius Maddox instead focuses on the positive of social media. He wants to use it to build a community and to help inspire people to achieve great things. That’s why Maddox doesn’t think twice about fake weights. He simply wants to focus on the positive.

You can watch Julius Maddox’s full comments on fake weights in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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