Julius Maddox Fails 800lb Bench Press Attempt At Wrigley Field

Julius Maddox attempted to break his own record on Saturday night but came up short.

On Saturday night, Julius Maddox was looking to set a new mark for the heaviest bench press of all-time. He currently holds the world record of 782.6 pounds and has had his sights set on 800 pounds recently. Wrigley Field was the venue of what had a chance to be a special event.

Following a game between the Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals, Maddox wanted to become the first person ever to bench 800 pounds. He ended with two failed attempts and the world record lives another day. This was not the first time that Maddox attempted this lift. In June 2020, Maddox attempted 800 pounds for the first time and ended up suffering a small injury because the bar was misloaded.

Below, you can find Maddox’s two attempts at the incredibly heavy lift.

Julius Maddox suffered a pec injury back in May and this delayed his progress a bit. He has been training with Larry Wheels to get his strength back to the necessary level to complete this lift. Last week, Maddox failed at a 790lb bench press but felt good enough on Saturday to give it a go.


This would not have been the first time that Maddox broke his own record. He originally took over the title in August 2019 with a 739.6-pound lift. He then crushed a 744.1lb bench press to set a new mark. Maddox would go onto beat his own record two more times. The first came in March 2020 at the Arnold Classic when he accomplished 770lbs. The most recent record came during the Hybrid Showdown in Miami where Maddox pressed the current mark of 782.6lbs.

Julius Maddox’s next attempt at 800lbs could come on another big stage. Earlier in the week, Maddox and Danial Zamani agreed to face off in a head-to-head bench press showdown at CT Fletcher’s Iron Wars V. This event will take place in January and will have plenty of eyes as two of the best bench pressers in the world square off.

This will be a must-see event. For the sake of comparisons, Zamani has pulled off a 777lb lift while training. This is five pounds less than the current world record held by Maddox.

There is no doubt that we will see another 800lb attempt from Maddox in the near future. At full strength and fun health, this is a lift that Maddox will accomplish and then from there, who knows? The sky is the limit.

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Greg Patuto
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