Phil Heath speaks honestly about the most intense moments from his rivalry with Kai Greene in new exclusive clip from Kai.

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The Kai Greene vs Phil Heath rivalry just might be one of the most famous rivalries in the entirety of bodybuilding. Nearly evenly matched with different body types – Kai and Phil clashed at multiple Mr. Olympia competitions. They were the featured duo in the original Generation Iron – and things only heated up from there.

Most famous was the 2014 Mr. Olympia, where Kai Greene and Phil Heath clashed before the stage show even started. The press conference, usually an exciting affair with some trash talk, nearly broke into complete chaos. It was no longer the Olympia press conference. It became the Kai and Phil show.


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This set the stage for what only escalated from there. Kai Greene and Phil Heath nearly came to blows on the competition stage. It was one of the most memorable unexpected moments in Mr. Olympia history. Ultimately, Phil defeated Kai on every Olympia occasion. But it didn’t matter. Both men were etched into history for their larger than life personas to match their massive physiques.

In Kai, Phil Heath provides a brand new exclusive interview – where he reflects on the rivalry beat by beat for the first time in years. In this clip, Phil looks back at the 2014 press conference and admits to how “ugly” their rivalry became in that moment. Now nearly a decade later – it’s fascinating to see what both of these bodybuilding veterans think of not just that moment but the rivalry as a whole.


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