Kai Greene and Phil Heath Tease Sharing the Stage in a 2021 Return

Could Kai Greene and Phil Heath share the stage in 2021?

There’s nothing quite like a good rivalry to get the juices flowing. If you ask any bodybuilding fan about great rivalries there’s no doubt that the feud between Kai Greene and Phil Heath will make the list.

Kai Greene, the artistic bodybuilder with incredible posing. Phil Heath, the naturally gifted and one of the most well balanced bodybuilders of all-time. Generation Iron showcased the rivalry between these two bodybuilding greats. Greene was the underdog looking to upend the champion. Heath looked to continue his reign as the Olympia champion.

The rest is history.

The last time Kai Greene and Phil Heath shared the stage was six years ago at the 2014 Olympia. Since then the two bodybuilders have buried their rivalry.

But based on a recent Instagram post by Greene, the rivalry could be heating up with Heath once again.


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we had an entanglement… 😤

A post shared by Kai Greene (@kaigreene) on

Greene poked a bit of fun at the recent Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith situation with the entanglement statement. But Phil Heath wasn’t silent.

From there, both Kai Greene and Phil Heath suggested that they could share the stage in 2021.

What do you think of Kai Greene and Phil Heath making a possible return to competition?

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