Kai Greene details his current workout and diet schedule and how it differs from his years of contest prep competing as a pro bodybuilder.

It’s been just about four years since Kai Greene last competed as a pro bodybuilder. The impression he left on the bodybuilding industry is so strong that year after year fans still float rumors that he may return to compete at the Mr. Olympia. So far, he has yet to make a formal comeback. One thing that keeps hope alive for fans is the fact that Kai Greene’s physique is still massive and shredded despite not stepping on stage since 2016. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Kai Greene goes into detail about his current workout and diet routine and explains how it differs from his time competing.

Some bodybuilders trim down significantly after retiring from professional bodybuilding. That’s not the case with Kai Greene. Though he never officially retired, he has yet to compete since his Arnold Classic tour in 2016. To this day, fans continue to circulate rumors that he will return to compete again. The mere fact that Kai Greene has maintained his massive physique gives fans hope that there’s a chance for a comeback sometime in the future.

Kai Greene has remained silent on any sort of a return. His coach, George Farah, previously stated that a return to the Mr. Olympia is in the cards for this year or perhaps 2021. Though confident, he said the return was a “90%” possibility. But regardless of whether or not Kai really returns, the fact that he’s maintained such an incredible physique while also publishing his own comic book series, running his own supplement line, and starting his own digital variety show is impressive to say the least.

That’s why during our video conversation with Kai Greene, we asked him to breakdown his daily schedule. Does he still train and eat with the same level of focus? The answer seems to be mostly yes – but with key changes.

Kai Greene wakes up at 4:30am every single day. He immediately jumps into cardio followed by a workout. After that – he jumps straight into whatever projects that need his attention between his comic series, supplement company, and digital videos.

Kai Greene explains that he still trains and eats like a pro bodybuilder – fitting in at least 6 meals a day. But he also admits that the focus of the schedule has changed compared to his time competing at shows. While Kai does make sure to stay strict with his bodybuilding diet and training – the entire routine is much more flexible to accommodate his other business endeavors.

“At that time, the most important thing in my life, you know, was the thing that I was invested in. Which was distinguishing myself as an athlete in this life,” Kai Greene stated in our interview. He continued:

“And or that reason, the thing that helped me be very successful at that time in my life was for me to be very clear about just that. So when other objections would come, when other obstacles would start to come up and pull with their own demand on my time or my concentration… because at that time in my life that was the chief way that I identified my value and just who I said I was to myself in the mirror every day. It was the priority.”

So what is the real key difference in Kai Greene’s workout and diet routine since retiring? It’s the flexibility. It seems for certain the hardcore effort is still put into every meal prep and every workout – but it can be shifted slightly to accommodate his other passions and business efforts.

It’s this kind of dedication that has always made Kai Greene an exceptional athlete. It’s that same mentality that makes him succeed on his other business endeavors as well. There is only so many hours in a day – and somehow Kai has maximized each and every second of it.

You can check out Kai Greene’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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