The “Kendall Jenner Of Bodybuilding” Talks Personal PED Use, Says Female Bodybuilders Must Use PEDs To Compete

Vladislava Galagan, dubbed The Kendall Jenner of Bodybuilding, discussed many aspects during her podcast appearance.
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Vladislava Galagan talks PED use and gives fitness advice to those looking to get into bodybuilding.

Vladislava Galagan has gained plenty of attention because of her impressive physique and overall look. Dubbed the “Kendall Jenner of Bodybuilding,” Galagan has discussed all ventures, from her work in the gym to her financial history using OnlyFans. During a recent interview, Galagan discussed her PED use and aspirations as a young woman getting into fitness.

Galagan began training at 16 years old and had her sights set on competing. After getting in touch with personal trainers, she began to grow but was not ready for competition. They advised that she put on more size and this is when she began using Performance Enhancement Drugs.

“I thought I would take it and I would be the next Olympia, which didn’t happen.”

“They told me that I need to wait and do my best in the gym, which I did, and I began a year later…It was horrible, my first experience.”

Galagan works out six days a week and eats a protein-filled diet. She has shared in the past that she does not use year round but has dabbled in the past.


Vladislava Galagan Talks Steroid Use

Vldislava Galagan joined First Things THRST with Mike Thurston for her first appearance on a podcast. They touched on many topics, from her upbringing to fitness journey, and PEDs jumped into the mix. Galagan has not competed but admits that they are needed to, especially my females.

“If you want to do the competitions, yes.

To compete, well, if you want to just do it for yourself, you don’t need stuff, obviously. If you want to compete, well, everybody, men even people that don’t compete take it.”


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Galagan expressed that her first experience was not pleasant and she does not do a 12-month cycle.

“I do cycles. I’m not on one big cycle all-year round. In the beginning, it was really hard to kind of let it go, to have the breaks. Now, I have a break.”

“It’s not that difficult for me to come back, to bounce back when I start the cycle again. So, and yeah, you have always to battle, to fight, like the only pump you get is when you’re in the gym. When you’re natural and then it’s gone.”

Vladislava Galagan created social media profiles back in 2016 and got an immediate reaction from viewers. This led to opening a successful OnlyFans account, where she does not do anything X-rated but has gotten some strange requests. Galagan claims that people like arm wrestling videos and that she gets many requests for those.

From the time she was young, Galagan learned to balance emotions and bodybuilding.

“Maybe it’s psychological aspects of this because I had to be strong all my life. Maybe that’s why I started doing bodybuilding.

I think attention, time, so that’s what the therapist told me. That’s my way to kind of combine the feminine and masculine in one.”

Vladislava Galagan has been open about her fitness journey from a young age. She has found success, both in and out of the gym, that will continue for many reasons.

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