Big Ramy Takes On Larry Wheels In Arm Wrestling Match

Two-time Olympia champion Big Ramy recently took down Larry Wheels in an arm wrestling match.

There are few things more entertaining than two behemoths putting on a show to determine who is stronger. That is what happened when Larry Wheels took on the two-time Mr. Olympia, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay in an arm wrestling match recently. In the end, it was the 2021 Mr. Olympia who came out on top.

Wheels shared the video to his Instagram page which took place at B1 Gym in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The powerlifter has gained three million followers on the social media platform and they were recently given a treat with this competition.


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Big Ramy and Larry Wheels have built two of the best physiques in the world and have done it in different ways. Big Ramy has spent his career building a massive physique to win titles on the bodybuilding stage. That is exactly what he has done after winning the 2020 and 2021 Olympia titles in Orlando. He will look to make it three in a row in December as the competition moves back to Las Vegas.

Wheels has dabbled in many areas over the course of his career. He has recently returned to powerlifting and setting some new personal records in the gym. His strength is only increasing despite his other paths.

In recent months, Wheels has tried his hand at arm wrestling. He began with two losses to Aleksandr “Schoolboy” Toproll before squaring off with Brandon Allen. Wheels took the early rounds of the match before Allen was able to take over. In this recent video against Big Ramy, it seems as though Wheels was overmatched from the start.

Big Ramy is seen looking comfortable from the early moments of the video and even cracks a smile. It did not look like he was applying full pressure early on. Wheels is struggling to take down Big Ramy and is later defeated when Big Ramy decides to turn it on.

It was interesting to see Big Ramy participate in something like this given the risk of injury. As a bodybuilder, he is on special diets and workout plans all year round in order to be ready for competition. Larry Wheels has been training as a powerlifter and keeps his strength at a high. At the time of the arm wrestling match, Big Ramy was around 340 pounds, which is his offseason weight. Wheels usually weighs around 245-300 pounds given his current goals.

Larry Wheels will continue to put on a show when he hits the gym while focusing on arm wrestling. If he continues to take on or train with athletes like Big Ramy, it will be must-see action.

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