Watch Bodybuilder Kiera Jaston Pull Astonishing 530 lbs (240 kg) Deadlift With Bands

Kiera Jaston, the youngest IFBB Figure Pro in Europe, has shown that she has nothing to prove to anyone — except herself.

The record-setting IFBB figure pro-card holder is only 21-years-old, but that hasn’t stopped her from accomplishing fitness milestones that would put some of the greats to shame. Check out this recent update shared to her Instagram that shows her doing an impressive 530 lbs stiff bar deadlift with bands:

“Hard work beats good genetics but what happens when good genetics work F*CKING hard,” she captioned the post. Kiera Jaston is an accomplished bodybuilder and powerlifter who frequently combines her training for the two with stunning results. This is a deadlift that would make seasoned pros twice her age quiver in the gym, with or without bands. The fact that she’s able to do a stiff bar deadlift with bands, at this age, for seemingly no reason other than she just felt like doing it, is nothing short of extraordinary.

Hopefully, when bodybuilding and the world in general start to open up again, we will see Kiera Jaston do amazing things with this level of talent and dedication. It’s a challenge to stay fit on a regular basis, let alone in quarantine, but Kiera Jaston has proved that she’s in it to win it and using this time as wisely and productively as she possibly can. Intense, regular exercise on par with what you would be doing in the gym is the only way to maintain your fitness while quarantining at home. Otherwise, you risk losing all your gains – then, even when gyms do open back up, you’ll only be able to make up for lost ground instead of truly moving forward with your physique.

Kiera Jaston’s set-up is nothing fancy – just a standard barbell and deadlift equipment. Obviously, a 530 lbs stiff bar deadlift should not be attempted by amateurs – especially considering she isn’t using a spotter in this video – but that shouldn’t stop you from taking your fitness into your own hands and making it your own. Maybe there’s a smaller, easier deadlift you could be doing to keep up with your fitness while at home. Even something simple like lifting heavy household objects can serve as a modified lift and get the job done. It’s really all about how much you apply yourself; if you focus, you can achieve great things from home, if you don’t, not so much. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to pay attention to the rigorous self-discipline that bodybuilding demands. Structure and routine are your two best friends now. Kiera Jaston sure is right about one thing: hard work does matter more than genetics, but when those two things do finally come together, it’s an unstoppable combination.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.


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