King Kamali breaks down each of the Arnold Classic Men’s Open competitors’ performance at the Arnold Classic 2020.


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The world has turned upside down since the Arnold Classic 2020 competition went underway. We’ve barely had time to reflect back with the news of various cancellations such as the Arnold Classic Australia, South America, and Africa – among many other sporting events being postponed.

That’s why King Kamali has used his free time while social distancing to really dig deep and give a full honest review of the Arnold Classic 2020. He holds nothing back as he breaks down all 13 of the Men’s Open competitors who set foot on the Arnold Classic stage. Starting from the lowest placed up to the first place victor William Bonac, King Kamali discusses what he liked, what he didn’t like, and what the future holds for each athlete.

For those of you who have followed King Kamali throughout the various episodes of this show – you certainly know that this won’t be your average breakdown of the Arnold Classic 2020. There’s no blowing smoke up anyones ass or sugarcoating his comments – King Kamali is tough but fair with his assessment of each athlete.

Check out his entire honest review by watching the latest episode of King’s World above!

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