The Best Way To Bring Up Lagging Body Parts

The Best Way To Bring Up Lagging Body Parts

Ways to Bring Up Lagging Body Parts

Only a few people are gifted with perfect genetics. If you’re like most of us mortal humans, chances are you have a lagging body part or two. There is nothing wrong with having weaker muscles groups. You should know how to work on your shortcomings.

Many people when confronted about their lagging muscle groups fall upon blaming their genetics. You don’t have to give up on your lineage just because you have small calves. Read through the article and find your way through the lagging muscles problem.

Change Your Training Splits

One of the most effective ways of building up a weaker muscle group is to train it often. You need to train the lagging muscles more often than you train the other muscles. You can’t expect the weak muscle group to show improvement without switching your training routine.

For instance, if you have a weaker chest as compared to the other muscles and you train all your muscles once a week, you need to start hitting your chest twice a week. Train two muscles in a single session if you have to.


Unilateral Movements

Unilateral exercises include training one side of your body at a time. Training one side at a time helps in better isolating your muscles. It’s easier to establish a mind-muscle connection when you’re training a single muscle.

If you’re performing the unilateral movements correctly, you should have a better pump at the end of your exercises as compared to the normal versions. Make sure you have the right mix of compound and isolation exercises in your unilateral workouts.

Performs Higher Reps on the Weaker Side

Other than having lagging muscle groups, some people have a weaker side. In such a situation, one of the muscles in the group is stronger and more muscular than the other. Some people have a lagging shoulder or a lagging bicep.

You can fix the muscle imbalances to an extent by performing more reps on the weaker side as compared to the stronger side. While performing exercises like the alternating dumbbell curls, perform 10 alternating reps on each side and then drop the dumbbell you’re holding on the stronger side and complete 3-4 more reps with the weaker arm.

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Tweak Your Diet

Diet plays a significant role in building muscle mass. While your nutrition needs to be on point at all times, you will have to make a little adjustment on the days you train a lagging muscle group.

While it’s no secret protein is the muscle building macronutrient, carbohydrates are your best friend on your weak muscle training day. Make sure you load up on good carbs right after your workout.

Use Advanced Training Techniques

The stubborn muscles groups demand more than the other muscles. You will have to shock your muscle into growing which is only possible if you introduce something new in every workout.

Use advanced training techniques like drop sets, supersets, intra-set stretching, BFR (blood flow restriction) training, etc. in your workouts. Your lagging muscles should be asking for mercy for not following your command by the end of your workouts.

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