Larry Wheels Talks 53-Pound Weight Gain & Meals Following 2023 Amateur Olympia

Larry Wheels talks bodyweight gain and his meals following his performance last week.
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Larry Wheels rewarded himself with some of his favorite meals following his performance on stage.

Larry Wheels competed during the 2023 Amateur Mr. Olympia looking to earn his IFBB Pro Card. He cut down eight pounds in the final week leading up to the show to drop the unwanted body fat and get stage ready. Wheels came up just short of his goal but put in some incredible work over the course of his prep to be able to put on the best show possible. In just five days since the competition, Wheels explained how his bodyweight increased by 53 pounds.

Wheels had to cut down significantly to be ready to compete in Classic Physique. As a powerlifter, Wheels is used to being around 280 pounds but began his prep for the Amateur Olympia that saw him cut down to 232. This includes eight pounds over the final week leading up to the show. Now that his prep is complete, Wheels shared that his weight is back up to about 283.

Wheels entered the show looking to earn his Pro Card and came close to accomplishing his goal. He finished as the runner-up in the Class D division behind Ejike Enwereuzor Jr. On Sunday, Wheels shared a video, not to discuss the show, but to talk about his weight gain and the meals he ate.

“This is my first time getting full depleted for a show. I did use diuretics to make weight so I could have that dry, hard look on stage. I had to use them twice within three day period because I had to make weight twice for two shows back-to-back. So, when using diuretics, there’s a rebound.

I fully intended to binge eat after the show as a reward for the six-week starvation that I put myself through. Now, what I had no idea about is just how much weight I would put on in the two days following the show.”

Wheels released the video on Sunday but recorded on Saturday. He shared that he weighed in on Monday before the amateur Olympia at 232 pounds. Since then, he has gained 52.6 pounds and weighed 284 pounds in the video.

“I didn’t think that I consumed enough liquid and solid food to add up to 40 pounds inside of my body right now. I just don’t understand where it all came from but I’m going to try and backtrack for you guys.”

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Larry Wheels Shares Post-Show Meals

Larry Wheels shared that he enjoyed a 24-hour period of demolishing his favorite cheat meals and doing it pretty quickly. First, it began right after he stepped off stage after the show.

Wheels went to Five Guys ad had two bacon double cheeseburgers and a large fry. After two hours, he went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for a 16 ounce Ribeye and a side of sweet potato mash. Before going to sleep, Wheels ate a bag of Poptarts and a Cup O’ Noodles.

“Look, I was declaring war in my stomach. At this point, I was like ‘I’ve earned it.’ Yeah, I was told not to take it too far and after a couple days, slow down. I was thinking ‘I’m not even half a day in so I don’t even know what weight I’m at right now.”

The next morning, Wheels went to Denny’s for breakfast and ordered cinnamon roll pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and eggs sunny side up. He then went home to eat a cinnamon roll bagel with cream cheese and orange juice. Just an hour later, Wheels repeated this bagel order with a bowl of cereal.


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Larry Wheels shared that he went to a meet-and-greet and was gifted lemon cookies that were around 1,500 calories each. He ate one before lunch, which was a dragon bacon double cheeseburger with fries. From there, Wheels hit a workout before going to Buffalo Wild Wings. This was two hours after he last ate. Wheels ordered a chicken sandwich, six bone-in wings, three chicken tenders, and two orders of fries. He also had chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Finally, Wheels’ last meal of the 24-hour period was a 14-inch Margherita pizza, garlic knots, and a salad.

“I’m serious when I say I think I had about 20,000 calories in that 24-hour period. As for fluids, nothing crazy. Maybe a couple galloons of water. Right now, you may be seeing the most bloated version of Larry Wheels that has ever walked this earth.”

Larry Wheels shared that he will now enter a clean bulk where he will drop water weight and get his physique back into shape.

“This was a fun experiment. I don’t regret one bite of food over the last two days.

Now, I Gotta try and get rid of the all the water weight. Definitely no diuretics. Nothing Dramatic right now. I’ve had my fun, lots of it. I think I’ve checked off every cheat meal idea I could think of. Now, I gotta screw my head back on straight and do a clean bulk.”

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