If you’re looking for arm gain inspiration, look no further: Larry Wheels has made some of his work as a personal trainer free to the public over YouTube.

Lots of bodybuilding and strongman pros choose careers as personal trainers once they’ve past the age when they’re no longer Olympia competitive. Many of them make a great living doing this and seem very happy to remain in contact with a practice they deeply love. Larry Wheels, one of powerlifting’s most iconic and beloved, has made some of his advice available for free through his YouTube channel. You can check out his totally ripped arm workout in the video above.

And if you’re wondering why you should be taking fitness advice from Larry Wheels, you can stop by his Instagram to check out his most recent impressive achievements in the world of strength. There’s many snake oil salesmen out there prepared to scam you for quick cash, but Larry isn’t one of them; this is a tried and true athlete who knows what he’s talking about. Take a look at his most recent Instagram post, which shows him crushing an insane 838 lb triple bar deadlift with relative ease.

“Had to break in my new leather @teampersonalrecord belt with a PR and a long over due BELT THROW!” Larry captioned the post.

It’s inspiring to know that you can continue to make progress with the sport after months or even years off the stage. Many people think the attention given to pros when they’re at competitions marks the high point of their careers. Nothing is further from the truth — many bodybuilders go on to set personal records in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s, and the lifelong pleasure and sense of satisfaction they get from continuing with the sport they love is priceless. Larry Wheels is the very definition of dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the sport.

With his fitness company Team Personal Record, Larry has entered a new phase of his bodybuilding life by making affordable, high quality equipment available to everyone interested in the sport. He puts his talents to work as a personal trainer and mentor to budding stars and offers a lot of great inside. The arms workout video from his channel is just one of many where he shares some excellent workout tips that can benefit anyone looking to improve. It’s rare to come across someone who talks the talk and walks the walk the way Larry Wheels does. A lot of “fitness gurus” touch on trends and fads but don’t have the credentials to back it up, while Larry Wheels has a lifetime of powerlifting, bodybuilding, and other strength sports experience to draw on when he crafts his videos. He’s truly one of the sport’s great living heroes, and a powerful reminder that many strength sports are not as different as we think they are.

*All images and media are courtesy of Instagram and YouTube.

Tess Pollok
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