Larry Wheels Quits Bodybuilding After Relapse On Full Steroid Cycle: “That Was A Massive Mistake, The Decision Was Coming From The Wrong Place”

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Larry Wheels shares his decision to stop bodybuilding after going back on steroids.

American powerlifter turned bodybuilder Larry Wheels has been on a bodybuilding journey over the last two years to get on stage in Classic Physique. Recently, on a video on YouTube, Larry Wheels announced that he is quitting bodybuilding after relapsing and going back on a full steroid cycle.

“Last year, I made a video saying I stopped steroids and I have, as of three months ago, relapsed and gone back on a full steroid cycle.”

Wheels is one of the biggest fitness stars in the world today and has taken on many challenges. He ha been working toward earning his Pro Card in bodybuilding. Wheels finished as the runner-up at the 2023 Amateur Olympia and came close to accomplishing this goal.

Wheels claims that he jumped into bodybuilding to build his brand.

“I have faced several challenges with my company PR that led me to go into panic mode and make a decision to pursue bodybuilding in an attempt to bring more eyeballs to what I’m doing and in turn, help my brand get back to where it was and even better.

That was a massive mistake. That’s not what I should have done to build my brand.”

Wheels has been off steroids but shared that he “relapsed” and went back on a full cycle.

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Larry Wheels Talks Steroid Cycle

Larry Wheels initially went off PEDs after a trip to the doctors to get his health checked. He has been off substances for over a year now but shared that he went back on cycle about three months ago. We have also detailed Wheels before and after photos from PED use.

“Me hopping back on steroids is going against everything I said I would do. It’s compromising my health, my integrity because now, I’m going against my own word. It’s compromising my trust.”


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Larry Wheels shared that his decision to pursue bodybuilding did not come from a genuine place. Instead, it was to build his brand and bring eyeballs back onto him. Because of this, he has decided to withdraw from the show he was preparing for.

“I publicly made an announcement a couple days ago on Instagram saying I’m going to do a show in Ireland. I’m not doing that show, I’m not committing to it. I’m not following through with it.

I’m pulling out of this competition I said I would do. I don’t want to get my Pro card. I don’t want to pursue being a competitive athlete anymore because it’s a distraction from what I want out of my life moving into my 30s.”

Wheels has also been training to deadlift 1,000 pounds. That has been a powerlifting goal of his for quite some time. He will also put this behind him because it would require him to do things he would not want to.

“The 1,000-pound deadlift would require me to hop on more gear and eat more food and be bigger than I’ve ever been before, which undoubtedly is the most unhealthy thing I can imagine right now.”

Larry Wheels tipped his cap to those who continue to pursue bodybuilding dreams at the professional level.

“My hat goes off to those who are able to keep a healthy relationship and build their business and live and manage a successful career while being a competitive, professional bodybuilder.”

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