Larry Wheels had a rough upbringing.

Every bodybuilder and athlete has their own reasoning for getting into the game. Whether it’s the fact that they were 50 pounds soaking wet and wanted to look like a superhero or if they simply wanted to gain confidence after a bad break up, every individual has their own reasons for picking up the weights. For Larry Wheels it was a combination of a few different factors that ended up changing his life for the better.

Looking to become the World’ Strongest Pro Bodybuilder, Larry Wheels wasn’t always set on the path to greatness. In fact, with his rough childhood and adversity, it’s truly an empowering tale to hear how Larry Wheels was able to turn his life around through fitness and bodybuilding. With his sights set on the upcoming NPC Nationals, Larry Wheels is pushing himself harder than ever in his bodybuilding training.

But how exactly did Larry Wheels turn from a child with a rough past and little ambition to the successful athlete and man he is today? Take a look at the video to find out more about how Larry Wheels got started in lifting, how it changed his life.

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