Lee Haney’s Valuable Advice For Bodybuilders Today

Lee Haney wants bodybuilders today to have a better educational foundation for bodybuilding.

The internet can provide a lot of instant information. That’s a good thing. But it can also provide a lot of instant misinformation. That’s definitely a bad thing. This certainly holds true for bodybuilding – where broscience and unproven gurus run rampant across social media and the web. That’s why Lee Haney has published a book and a training program to help give bodybuilders today the right kind of foundation for success. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Lee Haney shares his most valuable advice and tips for aspiring bodybuilders today.

Lee Haney is worried about the state of bodybuilding. Not a particular league or the quality of the top pros competing now. He’s worried about everyone else. The aspiring and intermediate bodybuilders who have more options now than ever to get advice, training tips, nutrition guides and information.

More options would seem like a good thing. And it can be, if it were easy to separate the valuable information from the misinformation that can be provided by wannabe gurus and unproven “experts.” That’s why Lee Haney has started his own training program. As an 8x Mr. Olympia champion – you know that the information he provides is from a trusted source.

Lee Haney finds value in getting information from someone who has actually been through he paces and won bodybuilding shows. It helps that he is also tied for the most Mr. Olympia wins. Today, Haney sees many training programs that promises a certificate for only $75. But if it’s that cheap and easy to get information – how could it be valuable information?

Check out our latest GI Exclusive segment with Lee Haney above!

That’s why Lee Haney started his training program. It’s an in-depth course with programs created, reviewed, and approved by Lee Haney. And it’s not just online courses and quick phone calls. Yes, there are downloadable programs to read and follow – but it also includes a hands on training workshop so you can get real world experience with trusted experts.

This might all sound like a pitch for a paid training program. And, sure, Lee Haney is somewhat trying to sell his product. But he’s also correct. You get what you pay for. Haney might be making a profit – but he’s also passionate about getting real information and real results out to bodybuilders trying to succeed today.

In our conversation above, he also talks about how important it is to know the history of bodybuilding. And not just the exciting pinnacle moments like Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates. To know the origins of the IFBB and NPC. The origins of the sport of bodybuilding as whole. Knowing where you came from helps you know where to go next. Even if you want to break the rules and push the limits – you need to know the rules first to break them.

Lee Haney also discusses how many bodybuilders still undervalue how important nutrition plays a role in bodybuilding. Haney claims that bodybuilding is 70% nutrition and only 30% training. Going hardcore in the gym is important – but you should be going triple as hard on keeping with your diet and supplementation. Sometimes this gets lost in the glamor of workout motivation.

You can watch Lee Haney detail the problem with online gurus, the importance of bodybuilding education, and some of his tips for bodybuilders today. Check out our latest GI exclusive interview segment above!

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