Lee Labrada Talks Ways To Cut Unwanted Chest Fat: “You’re On Your Way To Getting Leaner”

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Bodybuilding veteran Lee Labrada discussed three ways to cut fat off your chest.

Bodybuilding veteran Lee Labrada enjoyed a successful career on stage and is now maintaining a shredded build in retirement. He is also sharing different ways for others to improve and this includes burning chest fat.

Labrada saw a long career of battles with Olympia champions such as Lee Haney and Dorian Yates. Once his time on stage was done, Labrada became CEO of “Labrada Nutrition” and helps others become the best version of themselves. He has found ways to keep his physique in tact, sharing physique updates of his own while also sharing tips for gym goers.

Recently, Labrada spoke in a video shared by Lean Body Nation to discuss different ways to burn unwanted chest fat. He also discussed workouts that can help.

“I like using flat flyer and incline flyer movements combined with a pressing movement, such as a machine press, to develop the muscles in my chest. If you’re starting out, I recommend you do three sets of flies combined with three sets of machine bench press twice a week.”

Lee Labrada continued to speak on ways to cut fat while adding the most effective workout plan.

Lee Labrada’s 3 Keys To Cut Chest Fat

Lee Labrada began breaking down his three keys to cutting chest fat and it began with stimulating muscles with weight training.

“The more muscle you have, the more calories burn, even at rest. Muscle is very metabolically intensive tissue.”


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The conversation continued with Labrada explaining the importance if a high-protein diet while also adding complex carbohydrates.

“You want to eat a high-protein diet combined with just enough complex carbohydrates and good fats to provide fuel for your workouts and daily activity. It’s important into slight caloric deficit, meaning that you’re eating less calories than you are burning.”

The final step of Labrada’s three-step plan is to add cardio. He explained how this could be in many forms including an exercise bike, rowing machine, or stair master.

“You want to do some cardio to supplement your weight training program and help you burn additional fat.”

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