Generation Iron Leroy Colbert Passes Away

Lost another legend.

Bodybuilding is filled with many different athletes who have had their own special impact in the sport as a whole. There many different competitors that have gained fame and notoriety on both the smaller scene and the grand stage like the Olympia. Many of them have changed the way we look at bodybuilding in one way or another. One such influential figure recently passed away this past November. His name was Leroy Colbert, a name that bodybuilding fans should know and appreciate.

Colbert was a legend in his own time, a true bodybuilding virtuoso with a great deal of knowledge and a true love for the sport of bodybuilding. A good friend of Joe Weider and many of the bodybuilders of the Golden Era including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu, Colbert was well known and well loved in the bodybuilding scene and was known for his warm and kind personality.

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In his early years of competing, Colbert looked poised to take center stage as a bodybuilding champion that could have potentially challenged the other legends of the time like Arnold and Sergio Oliva. Joe Weider had even mentioned to him that he was a true “monster” that was going to take over the scene and invited Colbert to compete in the Mr. Universe competition. Unfortunately a love for motorcycles would end up derailing his bodybuilding career as he was significantly injured in a car accident in his early twenties.

Despite the injury, Leroy was still heavily involved in the bodybuilding arena, often times seen chatting it up with the legends we revere today as well as keeping a close relationship with Joe Weider. Another man who spoke very highly of Colbert is Ric Drasin, an accomplish wrestler and bodybuilder in his own right. Drasin recently made a video in remembrance of Colbert sharing some of the personal interactions he had with the legend.

Leroy Colbert was truly a great man with a good spirit. He should be respected by any bodybuilding fan and will be dearly missed.

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