Akim Williams gives exclusive insight into his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep just two weeks before the competition

In lieu of a guest interview this week, podcast host and pro bodybuilder Akim Williams sits down with Nick Best and John Andersen to discuss the final weeks of his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep. Known for being one of the strongest bodybuilders currently competing, Williams is a true threat to the Olympia throne – but this year’s incredibly stacked lineup puts a lot of other athletes in his way. In this week’s episode of the Legends Of Iron podcast, Akim Williams shares all about his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep, his contest weight, and how this is the most serious training he has ever put in.

Fans of the podcast have likely noticed that host Akim Williams has been intermittently missing in episodes the past month or so. This is because he was laser focused on his 2022 Mr. Olympia prep. The final weeks of prep are the most grueling as the cutting phase goes into full gear. It’s a tough time full of mood swings and mental battles as an athlete aims to bring the best version of their physique after a year of preparation.

But now Akim Williams is ready to hop back onto the podcast to bring the focus on his contest prep. Known as “The BK Beast,” Williams gives an exclusive inside look into his training regiment, his mindset, and his ultimate weight he’s aiming to carry on stage just a little under two weeks away. Let’s jump into it.

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Akim Williams claims this is his most serious contest prep of his career and aims to weigh over 260 pounds

Heading into the 2022 Mr. Olympia, Akim Williams is aiming to weigh somewhere over 260 pounds when he steps on stage. This isn’t arbitrary, it’s his attempt to recreate, and exceed, his previous best showing at the Mr. Olympia. The last time he placed over the top 5, he was weighing over 260 pounds.

The big difference here is that he’s also put forth his most serious and intense contest prep training of his career. He hopes to bring everything he’s learned and combine it with his heavier weight size to that he can have a thin waist and shredded conditioning without sacrificing his mass monster size.

John Andersen and Nick Best have seen his updates and agree that he’s bringing the best physique of his career. Akim Williams is genetically blessed with a thin waist and seems to have mastered bringing it into its thinnest form without sacrificing his muscle and size. While he might not be as big as Big Ramy (who’s aiming to come in at 295 pounds come competition day), he can create the illusion that he is bigger if his waist to size ratio beats out everyone else.

Akim Williams’ predictions for the 2022 Mr. Olympia

Akim Williams might be most focused on his own success – but that doesn’t make him blind to the incredible lineup that will be battling on the Mr. Olympia stage this year. In fact, he thinks that he is most excited to see what Andrew Jacked can bring to the stage.

Williams predicts that Andrew Jacked will be a true threat and bring something amazing the competition next weekend. Of all the newcomers entering the Olympia this year – he thinks Andrew Jacked will bring the biggest splash to the lineup.

As for who Akim Williams is most excited to compete against, Williams has his eyes set on Big Ramy. He believes that if he can get a side by side comparison against the returning Mr. Olympia champion – that he can beat him out particularly in the side poses.

The biggest mistake to avoid when competing at the Mr. Olympia

John Andersen asks Akim Williams what advice he would give to other competitors at the Mr. Olympia. Particularly, what is the biggest mistake a bodybuilder can make between the first night pre-judging and the second night finals. We’ve seen competitors rise and fall within that 24 hour period – and it brings a different tactic than your typical bodybuilding shows that do both rounds in one single night.

Akim Williams focuses on the psychological. He says the biggest mistake bodybuilders make after the pre-judging is go online and read the comments. Millions of fans will share their opinion about your physique in addition to other athletes and coaches. None of this criticism matters.

While some details can be tweaked within the 24 hours between shows – most of the hard work has been done weeks, months, and years before this moment. Akim Williams, at most, will listen to any advice a judge gives him after pre-judging. But when it comes to social media – he turns his phone off right after the pre-judging round.

Getting psyched out by public opinion can have serious physical effects onto your physique come the finals. Don’t let it get in your way.

Wrap Up

Akim Williams is a pro bodybuilder who has always flirted within the top 10 of Mr. Olympia greatness. But this year he has brought more serious training, a heavier size, and a more experienced mentality. He truly believes that he can take down the current Mr. Olympia champion Big Ramy. You can watch his full breakdown of his contest prep in our latest episode of Legends Of Iron above. Make sure to check back every other Thursday for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.