Strongwoman Brittany Diamond and Powerlifter & Bodybuilder Ben Pollack discuss the joys of being one of the world’s newest strongest couples.

Bodybuilding, strength sports, and fitness on a professional level requires a certain amount of selfishness. In order to achieve elite status, your entire lifestyle must revolve around these athletic endeavors. For many, this can prove hard to develop relationships outside of the sport. Strength sports can be so time-consuming that it’s hard to make room for everything else. That’s why being a fitness couple can be a godsend. Both understand what it involves, both are passionate about the same thing, and the relationship suddenly gets easier. In the latest episode of the Legends Of Iron podcast, newly linked couple Brittany Diamond and Ben Pollack discuss what it’s like being the industries newest strong power couple.

Brittany Diamond is a pro strongwoman who has accomplished great feats in the World’s Strongest Woman and the Superhuman competitions. She has also competed in the NPC as a physique competitor.

Ben Pollack is a pro powerlifter and pro bodybuilder with a PhD in history of strength and physique from the University of Texas. He also holds the all time world record raw total of 2,039 pounds in the 198 pound class.

This newly connected strong pro couple has the makings of greatness in them. That’s why Jon Andersen and Nick Best invited both Brittany and Ben onto the podcast to talk about their individual strength sports journeys – as well as how their fitness lifestyles have evolved now that they are a fitness couple. Let’s jump into it.


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The pros and cons of being a strength sports power couple

Elite fitness can be a selfish endeavor – which can make relationships hard. When it comes to fitness couples, some people swear by them while others hate them. On the down side, having two “self centered” individuals trying to achieve greatness can make it hard to work together as a couple. On the other hand, sharing a deep passion for the same thing can help make the hard work easier.

Ben Pollack and Brittany Diamond, about four months into their own relationship, find that sharing a passion for strength and fitness only makes them stronger. This is especially true during contest prep, when things get rough, the athlete gets laser focused, and other “normal life” things fall to the wayside. Brittany and Ben find that having a shared understanding of the contest prep struggle makes it easier to function as a couple.

However, one thing that might make things challenging is undergoing contest prep at the same time. The couple have yet to compete since linking up – so they have been deliberating if it is wise to both prep for a competition at the same time. Two miserable and stressed out people during contest prep does not make a happy home. Ultimately, when Brittany and Ben decide, they want to ensure they can both continue to succeed as athletes without damaging their relationship. If that means prepping at different times and scheduling around each other – then so be it.

Lastly, Jon Andersen asked if Brittany Diamond and Ben Pollack train together as partners – or do their own thing. They describe their training dynamic as a hybrid. They benefit from each other’s personal experiences (and training for slightly different goals). But they also spend time on their own solo training sessions as well.

Wrap Up

Brittany Diamond and Ben Pollack also go into great detail about their own personal fitness journeys and break down their individual diet and training routines. You can get full insight into this new strength sports power couple by watching the latest episode of Legends of Iron above. Make sure to check back every Thursday for new episodes of the podcast only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded!

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