Losing Your Hair? These Are 9 Reasons Why You’re Going Bald

Losing Your Hair? These Are 9 Reasons Why You’re Going Bald

Things can change with age but if your new favorite actor is Jason Statham, or worse, Bruce Willis, not because of their acting skills but because you resemble them due to your thinning hairline, then you know you’re in troubled waters.

A thinning hairline shouldn’t come as a surprise to men. According to a study, two-thirds of American men experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. And, 85% of men have significant hair loss by the age of 50.

To make matters worse, 25% of these men start to experience a thinning hairline by the age of 21. Most men who suffer from hair loss will usually play the victim card and blame it on their genes.

It’s not uncommon to see the glitter in the eyes of these baldies when they’re told hair fall can be delayed or avoided in some cases by making a few minimal changes in their lifestyles.

Reasons For a Thinning Hairline & How To Avoid It

You’re Mad For Your Towel

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Many men make the mistake of drying their wet hair with a towel right after coming out of a shower. Your locks are at their most vulnerable after you take a shower. When the hair is wet, it swells and the outer layer (aka cuticle) of each strand lifts up. The cuticles return to the normal position when the hair dry.

When the cuticle is wet and lifted, it is at its most vulnerable. Vigorously rubbing a towel on your hair will only result in hair fall. The next time, pat your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing them down.

Calm Down and Comb


The second-most common mistake most people make is that they comb their hair right after rubbing them down with a towel. Aggressive combing or brushing puts a ton of pressure on the hair fibers and can result in the flaking and stripping away of the cuticle.

Combing wet hair can lead to excessive pulling and breakage. You should wait for at least 10 minutes after you’ve come out of the shower and patted your hair dry with a towel. Also, make sure the brush strokes are slow. You don’t want to look like Tarzan is handed a comb for the first time.

You’re a Hat Man


While some people like sporting a cap, the others wear it to cover their bald spots. Many people wear a cap to hide their thinning hairlines but they’re shocked to find out that the very same cap could be the cause of their hair loss.

Wearing a tight hat can cause rubbing on the front, sides, and back of the head and hair, which in turn can lead to hair fall. Make sure your cap isn’t too tight and use a shampoo and a conditioner that strengthen and moisturize the hair.


Enjoying The Sun Too Much

sun bath

The ill-effects of UV rays on the hairline are something that isn’t talked about enough. Strong UV rays can degrade the bonds that hold hair together, causing brittleness, dryness, breakage, and lack of manageability.

While people wear sunscreen to protect their skin, sunglasses to shield their eyes, they hardly do anything for their hair. You should wear a hat if you’re going to be outdoors for prolonged periods or use hair SPFs or a conditioning shampoo to restore moisture to the hair.

Oiling Your Hair


Oiling is the go-to way of hair care for many people. This might go against what you’ve been told your entire life but oiling your hair can be one of the reasons you’re losing your locks.

Excessive oil on your head (especially if you have an oily scalp) can cause your hair and scalp to be overly greasy. Excess oil can clog pores on your scalp which can prevent the hair follicles from growing normally. As a result, you may experience rapid hair loss.

You’re Using Women’s Product

Losing Your Hair

You could be the lazy type or you might like the fragrance of a women’s shampoo and conditioner. We are not judging you here. But just so you know, using your mom’s shampoo could be the reason you’re losing your hair.

Women’s shampoos and conditioners contain heavy moisturizers that can weigh down a guys’ hair, leaving it greasy looking & lifeless. On the other hand, men’s hair products are made under the assumption that men have shorter hair, and they might more often face problems such as flaking.

On top of that, there are some products on the market which contain harsh chemical ingredients that can cause hair loss. Chemical preservatives that are used in these products to increase the shelf life can take away the moisture from your hair and in some cases can also negatively affect your hormones.


healthy diet

Diet plays an indispensable role in maintaining not just your hair but overall health. Eating a lot of processed food and food with high sugar contents in your diet can lead to premature hair loss.

Supplements can be a great way to meet any nutrient deficiencies in your diet. A diet rich in protein can ensure good hair health. Hair experts recommend supplements that contain deep-sea fish protein, biotin, and zinc to help stimulate hair growth.

You Want To Be The Next TikTok Star


Remember a rule of thumb – the time you spend styling your hair is directly proportional to the damage you’re inflicting on them. Using heat styling tools like a blow-dryer or waxes and gels aren’t doing you any good either.

You should always try to limit your extravagant hair styling rituals for special occasions. Simplifying your daily hair regimen will help minimize hair damage and loss. In short, keep it simple, stupid.


hair loss

Let’s face it – heredity is one of the most common causes of hair fall at an early age. While some boys start shedding hair as early as 18, the others have a full head of hair when they’re 90. Life is unfair. Deal with it.

If you have a family history of thinning hairlines, it’d be better if you start taking care of your hair from a young age. Following the steps mentioned in this article could be a great starting point.

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