Lou Ferrigno Fixes Hearing With Implant: Calls It “Life Changing”

Lou Ferrigno can hear like never before due to new cochlear implant.

Lou Ferrigno is most known for two things. He was an iconic bodybuilder and star in Pumping Iron. He was also the Incredible Hulk on television for many years. It is also well documented that Ferrigno has suffered hearing loss since a young age. It’s partially the reason for his now iconic cadence of speaking. Now at 69 years old, he’s starting to hear like never before due to a specialized implant. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Lou Ferrigno details his new hearing implant and what it was like to be a pro bodybuilder with severe hearing loss.

The world may know Lou Ferrigno as the original Incredible Hulk. But the bodybuilding world also remembers him as a legendary bodybuilder and star of the iconic film Pumping Iron. What some might not know as well is that Ferrigno also suffers from hearing loss. Since a young age, Ferrigno had lost 75% of his hearing. Due to this, he relied on a hearing aid for most of his life.

Technology changes at an alarming pace. And now Lou Ferrigno is experiencing the world of hearing in a whole new light due to a cochlear implant. The implant, over time, has allowed him to hear without the use of a traditional hearing aid. More importantly, it has also allowed him to hear on a level he had never experienced in his life.

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“Over the age of 65, one out of three people were having hearing loss,” Lou Ferrigno states in our interview. He goes on:

“There are some bodybuilders out there who have had hearing loss. But the reason why I’m talking about this is because I’m going to give a lot of people hope. That this is not a dreadful thing. It’s a very positive experience because the surgery is really minor. Especially if they can have a life changing experience. Especially even now I heard different people. I can appreciate hearing people talk. Hearing the ‘S’ sound. The final consonant… People would say I have a slight lisp to my speech but now I’m overcoming that because of the cochlear implant.”

Lou Ferrigno goes on to detail what his life was like growing up with limited hearing. How he was bullied due to his massive hearing aids. That bullying, in part, was why Ferrigno eventually turned to bodybuilding. He wanted to prove he was strong in the face of bullies.

He also goes into detail about what training was like as a bodybuilder with limited hearing. Due to the intensity of his workouts, he wouldn’t wear a hearing aid during training. This made it harder for him to full engage in the social experience of the gym. He even admits that there have been times gym patrons thought he was being rude and ignoring them. But in reality, he couldn’t hear them. He relied mostly on reading lips in the gym.

Now all of that has changed. Lou Ferrigno will be able to full hear in the gym. Every clank of the weights and grunt of lifters. It’s an entirely new experience. As he stated in the quote above. It was not only a life changing experience for him – but he hopes to spread the word for others so they can have that life changing experience as well.

You can watch Lou Ferrigno go into full detail about his hearing loss and new implant in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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