Mark Wahlberg Maintaining Insane Abs In Lean Physique Update

Physique Update

Mark Wahlberg has been able to keep his abs sculpted at 51 years old.

Mark Wahlberg is the perfect example of how longevity is possible in the gym with the right diet and exercise routine. The Hollywood superstar has remained active both in the gym and on social media showing off his progress. This is how he is able to maintain shredded abs at 51 years old.

Wahlberg burst onto the fitness scene as a model during the 90s. He became known for a Calvin Klein ad that showed off his build. Now, he is one of the top actors in the world and has made plenty of hits.

Most recently, Wahlberg starred alongside Kevin Hart in the Netflix movie Me Time. In his opening scene, Wahlberg encounters Hart, who is his longtime friend, while skinny dipping with others. This is one of the movies that Wahlberg was able to show off his sculpted physique.

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Mark Wahlberg is used to getting his physique in, or out of, shape for a role. Of course, he was forced to add some weight when he played a boxer-turned-priest in Father Stu. Wahlberg quickly lost that extra fat and was able to get his abs back.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Workout Plan

Mark Wahlberg has been advertising his new workout routine F45 Training. This is the style that has him performing two-a-days recently. The plan is styled around different workouts performed up to a minute at a time.

Wahlberg recently joined Pardon My Takea podcast affiliated with Barstool Sports. During the extremely entertaining interview, the trio took some time to discuss workouts.

“Most people that go in, unfortunately, especially if you are an athlete, they start going so hard so fast. They get gassed out in five or 10 minutes. You have to basically pace yourself and realize, the most fit, athletic person could do an amazing workout. Someone who has ever been in the gym can modify it,” Wahlberg explained.

“You’re doing 45 seconds of pushups with a resistance band around your shoulders, you’re going to get gassed out so quick. What about the other 44 minutes?”


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The diet and exercise plan of Mark Wahlberg is always one that is popular because of the success he has had over the years. Despite being one of the best actors right now, Wahlberg has solidified himself as a fitness inspiration.

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