The boxing match between Martyn Ford and Iranian Hulk has been postponed once again. Will it happen at all?

The fight between Martyn Ford and the Iranian Hulk has been postponed once again. Originally scheduled for April 2, the boxing match was moved to April 30 but will not take place anymore.

Ford took to Instagram to make the official announcement on Monday morning. This comes after months of anticipation for a fight between two men who have made it personal on multiple occasions. According to Ford, this match is no longer on the card but the event will still take place as scheduled.

“This is a statement I didn’t want to have to release but unfortunately, April 30th, my fight is going to be postponed. The event is still on Boxstar. It’s still on. It’s just my fight okay?

Now, for all those who have tickets, there is a link below and there will be more information on how you can go about that. Like I said, the event will still go ahead. There is some great people, some great fights on,” Ford said.


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Martyn Ford continues to explain that this decision was out of his control. By the sound of the explanation, it seems as though the news came from Iranian Hulk’s side but it has not been released just yet. Also, Ford said that the bout will be postponed but it seems as though it is cancelled all together for now. There is no official make-up date.

“Unfortunately, mine won’t be one of them for reasons out of my control. It doesn’t take a genius to figure them all out. I don’t want to go down the route of talking about it, too much time, too much energy has been wasted. For me, personally, I’m still here. I’m still training hard.

There will be a debut, there will be a fight. I’m just not 100% sure of who, when or why. But it will happen, and nothing will change there. Thank you.”

At this time, fans can look forward to the event as scheduled but the card has taken a hit with Martyn Ford and Iranian Hulk being out. There will be a new fight put in the main event spot but that has not been released to this point.

This is not the second time that Ford and Iranian Hulk have moved the match. It makes it difficult to believe that the event will happen at any point but the two sides have certainly been training for it. They even met face-to-face and this added even more fuel to the fire.

Martyn Ford explained how he is prepared to step in the ring and will continue to train at the level he has been. It will be interesting to see who takes this spot on April 30 but also who Ford will be scheduled to take on in the future.

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