Powerlifter Mary Duffy Hits 310-Pound Deadlift With Chains At 73 Years Old


Mary Duffy continues to improve strength, deadlifting nearly three times her bodyweight.

Mary Duffy continues to impress in the powerlifting game. The 73-year-old competitor has manage to improve strength in many ways over the years. Look at a recent Instagram post, it is clear that Duffy is not slowing down with her recent deadlift challenge.

Last week, Duffy shared a video on Instagram showing off a huge 310-pound deadlift. She stepped up to a barbell that had 180 loaded on it with an extra 130 pounds in chains. Duffy used a conventional stance with a mixed grip to lock out the 310 pounds.

Duffy shared that her bodyweight at the time of the lift was 117 pounds. This means that she was able to lift over 2.5 times her bodyweight. In another attempt, Duffy shared a video with five extra pounds on it but was unable to complete the lift. Duffy shared this video as motivation claiming that “failure is as important as the successes.”

“It was a good day @calabeast_strength !!! Thank you.”


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Mary Duffy Competition History

Mary Duffy has not been competing in powerlifting her entire life. She first entered a show in 2015 and found immediate success. Since then, she has entered 21 sanctioned competitions and has totaled 20 victories. She finished as the runner-up in the one show she did not win gold.

Over the course of her career, Duffy has been able to set new PRs.

During the 2022 USAPL Connecticut Ladies of Iron, she logged a 67.5kg (148.8lb) PR squat and totaled 235kg (518.1lbs). In 2018, she completed a 60.1kg (132.5lb) bench press during the IPA Ironman Push/Pull Showdown. The next year, Duffy set a new competition PR with a 117.9kg (260lb) deadlift during the IPA Connecticut Ironman Push/Pull Showdown.

Duffy has not competed since 2022 when she was crowned the winner of the Connecticut State Powerlifting Championships in the Amateur Masters 70-74 division.


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Mary Duffy has not competed this year and it is unknown if she is planning to return to the stage. If she does, it will be interested to see if Duffy can set some new heights in all three lifts.

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