Melle Mel’s Picks For The Top 5 Rappers With Massive Muscle

Melle Mel discusses the growing trend of rappers building muscular physiques and lists the top 5 most muscular rappers of all time.

Melle Mel is a hip hop artist who prides himself on having a massive and muscular physique. He has claimed that he found the secret to balancing his party lifestyle with serious hard work in the gym. But who else would he put on the list for the most muscular and shredded rappers of all time? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Melle Mel picks the top 5 rappers with the most massive muscle.

During our conversation with Melle Mel, we briefly discussed the evolution of hip hop music. More specifically, the trends that come in go with each generation of hip hop artists. Melle Mel has always been a rapper who put focus on building up a muscular physique. But in the earlier days of rap that was less common.

Fast forward to today, and many rappers sport muscular or shredded physiques. This seemed to start building in popularity starting in the 90s. Today, there have been multiple viral videos of legendary rappers lifting serious weight.

That’s why we asked Melle Mel to list off his picks for the most muscular rappers of all time. Excluding himself from the list, what other rappers present impressive muscle? After a little bit of thinking he came up with the following list: Method Man, Nelly, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, and Busta Rhymes.

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He makes a point to mention that some of these rappers didn’t stay consistent with their physique. Or at least he’s not sure how consistent they stay over time. But at one point or another, each of those five hip hop artists put effort to sculpt and impressive physique. Some of which truly came close to a bodybuilding level.

Of course, somewhat jokingly, Melle Mel claimed he would be at the top of the list if he were included. While fitness and muscle might be a trend in hip hop, Melle Mel had always had a passion for bodybuilding. He follows the sport. He keeps his physique in shape consistently. It’s a passion on the same level of his hip hop lifestyle.

Earlier in the video, Melle Mel even details how he got into bodybuilding in the first place. He first started taking fitness seriously in 1984. At that point he focused purely on calisthenics. He would do 750 push ups per day. Over time that passion for fitness evolved into heavier weight training and a love for bodybuilding as a whole.

You can watch Melle Mel go into more detail about hip hop and muscle in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.