Method Man Goes Through Low-Weight, High-Rep Workout

Bench Press

Method Man shows off his strength with low-weight high rep workouts in the gym.

Method Man is a Grammy-winning artist who is best known for his work with Wu-Tang Clan. Along with his passion for music, he has also developed a love for fitness that he has shown off in the gym over the last few years. Method Man showcases his high-rep range workouts to build muscle mass. 

Method Man, who’s real name is Clifford Smith Jr., recently tackled a workout to tone his physique. It consisted of lower weight and high-rep exercises such as bench press, deadlifts, and shoulder press.

Smith Jr. was part of one of the best hip-hop groups of all-time. Wu-Tang Clan had a unique sound that transformed the genre during its time. To this day, the group remains extremely influential for artists and is remembered for its incredible work.

At 52 years old, Method Man has found a love for the gym and is building an impressive physique. He has also started a sportswear fashion brand called Tical Athletics. He has promoted the brand’s clothes and supplements on social media showing off his lifts.

Method Man

Method Man Attacks Workout 

On the Tical Athletics Instagram account, Smith Jr. was seen taking on a high-rep workout. It began with dumbbell shoulder presses, where he completed 10 sets of 10.

During his final set, Method Man was using 90-pound dumbbells. It continued with sled pushes. Smith Jr. stacked the weight on the sled and completed five sets of eight reps.

Finally, Method Man took on deadlifts and bench press. On the bench, he kept the weight light. He once again completed 10 sets but bumped up his rep count to 15.

Method Man is becoming synonymous in two areas now. He has a legendary career in music that many are moved by and he is now becoming a face in fitness. It is clear that Smith Jr. is dedicated to transforming his physique and continues to work hard to do so.

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