Michael B. Jordan is in full beast mode in Creed II trailer.

With all the popularity he’s gained since starring in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan is coming into his own as an actor. His star is rising and it seems that he’s turning into the next big thing in Hollywood.

But before Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan starred in a little movie called Creed, a continuation of the Rocky franchise created and popularized by Sylvester Stallone. Now the sequel is upon us and the first trailer has finally come to light. Michael B. Jordan looks to have built up his frame for his role in the sequel as his character Adonis is set to take revenge for his father’s death against the son of the man who killed him. Dolph Lundgren reprises his villainous role from Rocky IV as Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who killed Adonis’ father Apollo Creed, and has trained his son to take his place inside the ring.

Take a look at the trailer now!

Are you excited for Creed II?

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