Generation Iron London Broil RecipeA juicy lean London broil with sweet potatoes makes for a bodybuilding super-meal.

Get that grill out. It’s time for some outside cooking. Most bodybuilding diets like to focus on protein – which is great, but getting ripped isn’t born solely from protein. As we’ve discussed before, carbohydrates provide the energy needed to power you through all those intense workouts. So today we’re throwing together a simple meal that can not only boost your protein, but also give you some of those carbs that you need. The best part? It tastes delicious too. We’re getting hungry just writing about it.

Here are some London Broil facts before we dig into the recipe:

Calories – 140 (4-ounce cut)
Protein- 24g
Carbs – 0g
Fat – 4g
Fiber – 0g


Let’s start with that juicy delicious red meat. Once you get your cut (make sure it’s bright red in color. Brown = spoiled), Turn your grill up to the highest temperature. Cut the steak into 4 – 6 ounce pieces and make sure to cut off all the visible fat – then season both sides with salt and pepper (or your personal choice of spice rub).

Now you can get your sweet potatoes ready. Why sweet potatoes? They are an excellent source of fiber, potaassium, and carry less calories than white potatoes – so if you are looking for extra nutritional value without going overboard on unneeded extra calories. What’s even better is that sweet potatoes are easy to prepare – you can even pop it in the microwave while you are cooking that London Broil – speaking of…

At this point you simply can cook the London Broil to your liking. We prefer to eat it rare. It’s just that animal side of us.


We’d love to provide you with more mid-week recipes to help mix up your diet. Let us know if you find these recipes helpful and show us lots of love in the comments so we can keep providing you with tasty meals. And if you have any specific meals you think are fantastic in your diet – feel free to share with us! Maybe your meal will be featured in one of our posts. You can also hit us up on Facebook and Twitter too!

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