Ade Rai speaks on the difference between contribution and significance – and how it separates good bodybuilders from great bodybuilders

In a recent episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show, Clark Bartram and Mike O’Hearn delve into a profound conversation with the renowned natural bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, Ade Rai. The focus of their discussion revolves around Ade’s ability to maintain the “warrior mentality” even after achieving considerable success in his career. This recap will explore the key insights shared by Ade Rai, emphasizing the thin line between contribution and significance, facing challenges, and using adversity as a stepping stone to personal growth.

Known as “The Father Of Indonesian Bodybuilding,” Ade Rai sits down for part two of a conversation with Mike O’Hearn – and dives into more mental and spiritual concepts and how they connect with bodybuilding.

In bodybuilding (and sports at large) the question is often asked, what is it that separates legends from everyone else? How do they dig so deep to push past limits that others think are impossible? And what keeps them going through thick and thin to maintain that greatness in the long term?

This is often a hard concept to explain. There is no “trick” to achieving greatness. It’s something more ephemeral from deep within. But Ade Rai does a fantastic job of explaining these somewhat vague concepts in this week’s podcast episode.

He puts to words concepts that are often hard to explain – so let’s dive into it!


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The Thin Line Between Contribution and Significance

Mike kicks off the conversation by probing Ade on the secret behind his enduring warrior mentality. Ade Rai astutely points out the delicate balance between contribution and significance. What does he mean by this? He distinguishes two types of individuals: those who seek acknowledgment from others to feel significant and those who derive self-satisfaction from their own passions, irrespective of external validation.

This insight extends beyond the realm of physical endeavors like bodybuilding. Ade draws parallels to acts of kindness, highlighting the distinction between individuals who are kind for external validation and those who find intrinsic value in contributing to their own betterment.

In essence, Ade’s warrior mentality stems from his passion for bodybuilding, driven by self-satisfaction rather than external approval. Whether he triumphs or faces setbacks, the journey is a continuous process of personal improvement and fulfillment.

Are you contributing towards your self worth? Or are you contributing towards validation from others? It’s a very thin distinction – but can have vast ripple effects on your journey towards betterment and greatness.

Contributing to Longevity, Better Later Years, & Preparedness For Challenges As We Age

Clark Bartram interjects with his perspective on the connection between passion and long-term well-being. He shares his own experience, viewing his commitment to bodybuilding and fitness as a means to prepare for the challenges that may arise in his later years. Bartram reflects on his recent prostate cancer diagnosis, emphasizing how his physical fitness played a crucial role in facing and overcoming unexpected health challenges.

This discussion underscores the idea that pursuing one’s passion goes beyond immediate gratification; it becomes an investment in future resilience. The commitment to physical well-being not only enhances the present but also equips individuals to navigate unforeseen adversities with strength and determination.

Facing Challenges and Reacting to Adversity

Mike O’Hearn transitions the conversation to the topic of facing challenges and dealing with adversity. Much like Clark Bartram’s recent struggle with cancer, Mike asks Ade Rai about his own experiences with low moments and how he handles them. Ade candidly opens up about the challenging years during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw the closure of his businesses and the loss of his mother.

Ade Rai introduces a fascinating perspective on self-awareness, stating that recognizing one’s suffering is a testament to mental strength. By acknowledging his stress or suffering, he can view it as an external object, a hurdle to overcome. This mental framework enables him to confront challenges with resilience, turning adversity into an opportunity for growth.

Using the example of bodybuilding, maxing out a set or succeeding at a workout is an external challenge. Many things in bodybuilding require dedication to defeating external challenges in order to scuplt and improve one’s physique.

If you could take that same approach but apply it to personal challenges – you can see your own struggles as yet another obstacle to overcome. There are those who face personal challenges and rise above it to become better people. There are others who succumb to it.

It’s easier said than done – but perhaps Abe Rai’s explanation on how to reframe your perspective can help you become better from going through a challenge – rather than falling victim to it.

Ade Rai goes on to humbly admit that he is not perfect and that challenges don’t always unfold seamlessly despite his mental confidence. However, he emphasizes the importance of continual learning from past experiences. Reflecting on his journey, he draws wisdom from his own history to navigate present challenges and prepare for an uncertain future.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, The Mike O’Hearn Show episode featuring Ade Rai provides profound insights into the warrior mentality, the significance of pursuing passions for self-satisfaction, and the art of facing challenges with resilience. The stories shared by Ade Rai and Clark Bartram serve as inspirational narratives, encouraging listeners to embrace their passions, invest in their well-being for the long term, and approach adversity as a catalyst for personal growth.

You can watch the latest episode of the Mike O’Hearn Show above. And make sure to check back every week for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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