INTERVIEW: Does Mike O’Hearn Prefer Classic Physique Or Men’s Open Bodybuilding?

Mike O’Hearn reacts to Big Ramy’s Olympia win and addresses which kind of physique he prefers – Classic Physique or Men’s Open.

In December 2020, Big Ramy won the Mr. Olympia. It was an epic moment – but also one that solidified an ongoing trend in the IFBB – rewarding bigger mass monster muscle over more classic aesthetics. In 2018, when Shawn Rhoden won the Mr. Olympia, it seemed that perhaps the tables would turn allowing for lighter weight competitors with incredible conditioning to win the day. Just two years later, Big Ramy seems to reverse the tide back towards the likes of Ronnie Coleman. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, we ask all natural bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn what he prefers – a more Classic Physique or the mass monster look of Men’s Open.

Mike O’Hearn has consistently claimed to be a natural bodybuilder his entire life. This has led to backlash due to his massive and impressive physique. His musculature is so large and sculpted that bodybuilding fans have a hard time believing he could be all natural. Regardless of the controversy – O’Hearn has remained steadfast in being all natural his entire life.

While O’Hearn certainly has a massive physique – his body does fall more in line with the Classic Physique division than the bulky mass monsters seen in Men’s Open. With the recent win of Big Ramy at the Mr. Olympia 2020, we wanted to know what Mike O’Hearn personally though about the direction of pro bodybuilding. Does he prefer the Classic Physique division? Or do the “freaks” in Men’s Open still hold an important place in the sport?

Mike O’Hearn may personally prefer to hold more of a classic physique on his body – but that doesn’t mean he disrespects the Men’s Open competitors. In fact, he still holds them in high regard and looks up to their talents. Not only that, but he thinks that Big Ramy’s Olympia 2020 physique maintained good aesthetic while also being a mass monster. In other words, Big Ramy wasn’t just a bulky mass of muscle – he still had the conditioning, shape, and lines displaying the beauty of the sport.

In Mike O’Hearn’s mind – Big Ramy is exactly the example of what a Men’s Open bodybuilder should be. Yes, his massive weight still puts Ramy in the mass monster category – but he also had wonderful aesthetics. At least according to O’Hearn. It reminds him of the first time he started getting into bodybuilder and saw Lee Haney as Olympia champion. It was the perfect combination of superhuman size and beautiful aesthetic.

Mike O’Hearn also deeply enjoys the Classic Physique division. He sees no reason for controversy. Having both divisions gives everyone exactly what they want. There’s still room for the spectacle of the Men’s Open mass monster freaks. At the same time, fans who prefer smaller classic physiques can watch the Classic Physique division.

Will one ultimately become more popular than the other over time? It’s possible – but popularity does not equal quality. Each division has talented athletes showcasing the kinds of physiques they are comfortable with. There should be respect among all divisions by both fans and the athletes.

You can watch Mike O’Hearn’s full comments on Big Ramy, Men’s Open, and Classic Physique in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!