A sneak peek behind the scenes look at Breon Ansley’s pull up variation and physique just one week before he competes at the 2024 Arnold Classic

This week on The Mike O’Hearn Show, Breon Ansley joins the podcast for a behind the scenes look at his current physique and pull up training regimen one week before the 2024 Arnold Classic. In what is different than the typical podcast format, Mike works out with Breon as they discuss the core of his contest prep tactics. The sneak peek gives us a look at Breon’s back as well as emphasizes the importance of working smart more than working hard in the final days of contest prep.

Breon Ansley is an icon bodybuilder that epitomizes the aesthetic of the first generation of Classic Physique athletes. Before Chris Bumstead began his current reign as a non-stop Olympia champion – Breon was the standard bearer for the division and two wins at the Classic Physique Olympia.

Since then he has always been in the running to reclaim the throne – placing in the top 5 each year at the Olympia. While he did consider moving up to Men’s 212 temporarily last year, changes in the weight limits for Classic Physique kept him in the division.

Now in 2024, Breon Ansley aims to make a splash yet again – this time at the Arnold Classic. With one week left to go, Breon met up with Mike O’Hearn at Gold’s Gym for a sneak peek of his workout, his physique, and what to expect from him on stage next weekend. Let’s dive into it.

Breon Ansley: “The Plan Is To Get Shredded To The Balls”

At this stage in contest prep, there is very little Breon Ansley can do to make major changes. He now has to trust the process and believe that the work he has done since the 2023 Olympia has set him up for a supreme physique at the 2024 Arnold Classic.

He’s already built the size and shape he wants. So now he is focused on simply cutting down and, as he put it, getting “shredded to the balls.” Breon Ansley wants to bring the best conditioning of his career to the stage – and he’s confident that he will be able to accomplish this for the world to see come next weekend.

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Working Smart Rather Than Harder During Contest Prep

There’s a common misconception that more is always better. That if you spend more hours in the gym, you’ll get even more results and muscle growth. While it’s true that you need to push yourself hard – it’s also important to know the proper tactics before you start wasting your time, or worse, wearing yourself down and hurting your actual progress.

This is especially true during the final weeks of contest prep. Once a bodybuilder focuses on the cutting phase – it’s about being focused and controlled rather than grinding your body to a pulp.

Breon Ansley personifies this during his workout with Mike O’Hearn. He even warns Mike that the workout will be short and sweet. During his contest prep, Breon keeps things compact and focused. Just 3-4 exercises. He claims that he simply gets the sets in and get out of the gym. 

A Close Up Look At Breon Ansley’s Back

At one point in the episode, Mike O’Hearn brings in the camera on an extreme closeup of Breon Ansley’s back while he is performing pull ups. The goal is to show the audience a detailed look at not only his physique – but the way his muscles are activated while performing the workout.

The terms insertions and roundness of muscle are often discussed by bodybuilders, coaches, and experts alike when discussing bodybuilding physiques and working out. This extreme closeup on Breon’s back provides a perfect visual example of exactly what is meant by this.

With Breon Ansley’s physique being so conditioned at this stage of competition prep – this closeup example is almost an anatomy chart. You can “see through the skin” to get an example of exactly which muscles are being activated while Breon performs each movement.

For those who struggle with bringing the best form or perhaps struggle with the notion of mind/muscle connection – this may be a great example to help bring these concepts into focus.

Pull Up Variation

Pull ups may not target your lower body, but a quality pull up bar will help your upper body achieve serious results in a short period of time. Every muscle gets worked, including the:

Wrap Up

Breon Ansley is one of the top Classic Physique bodybuilders currently competing for a reason. He has incredible genetics, an incredible aesthetic, and most importantly, the work ethic to bring about a champion physique. Will 2024 be the year he can conquer the Arnold Classic? Only time will tell. But this sneak peek behind the scenes look at his process and physique is a fantastic look into the process of becoming a top pro bodybuilding contender.

You can watch the full episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show above. And don’t forget to check back every week for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever you download podcasts.

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