Mike O’Hearn doesn’t understand why Dan Bilzerian cares if he’s natty or not.

While not as obsessed over today as it once was in the past, the topic of Mike O’Hearn being natty or not has been circling around his entire career. Mike will be the first person to say that the controversy is less talked about today than it was five or ten years ago. Yet, the topic always crops up every once in a while. Case in point, Dan Bilzerian‘s comments earlier this year on the More Plates More Dates YouTube channel. In Generation Iron and Barbend’s latest episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show, Mike O’Hearn explains what Dan Bilzerian and others get wrong when discussing the natty or not debate.

Mike O’Hearn has maintained that his physique is natural for the entirety of his life and career. Some may see this as proof that he’s telling the truth. Others see this as one of the longest lies of any bodybuilding athlete in history. While the debate is somewhat tired by this point – it sometimes crops back up. And O’Hearn has no problem opening the discussion back up. In fact, he finds it fun to talk about.

In this week’s episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show, Generation Iron director and producer Vlad Yudin, alongside producer Edwin Mejia Jr., jump onto the topic of controversy in media. How controversy is manufactured because it brings the most attention – which brings more views or clicks – which brings more money. This segues into the ongoing argument in media about Mike O’Hearn’s all-natural claims.

The thing is, Mike O’Hearn thinks the very basis behind the debate is flawed. In fact, O’Hearn thinks that whether or not he is on steroids is the least important factor when discussing his strength and physique. What most people are missing is the dozen other factors surrounding O’Hearn’s lifestyle that has gotten him and his physique to where it is today.


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Mike O’Hearn Reveals The Big Point That Dan Bilzerian And Others Miss When Arguing Natty Or Not

During Mike O’Hearn’s conversation with Vlad Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr, the latest high profile argument about Mike’s natty status came up. Dan Bilzerian spoke on the More Plates More Dates podcast – and expressed his frustration about O’Hearn lying about being natural.

Instead of further defending himself by reiterating his natural status, Mike O’Hearn decides to have a fun thought experiment regarding Bilzerian’s argument. O’Hearn asks us to assume he really is taking steroids. He then asks to be compared to modern day bodybuilders who we all know or believe also use gear. Why is it that O’Hearn’s physique well into his middle age is still so shocking – whereas other pro bodybuilders on gear have already burned out?

If Mike O’Hearn could only exist with steroids? Why are there not 10,000 Mike O’Hearns out in the bodybuilding world right now? O’Hearn’s point here is that the real shocking factor that brings so much attention to his physique and career isn’t steroids or drugs – it’s his extremely rare dedication to consistency and training. To making his goal not to be the biggest as fast as possible – but the best over a long period of time. Hopefully for majority of his life well over the hill.

Mike O’Hearn uses Tom Cruise as an example. No, Cruise is not jacked like Mike O’Hearn. But at 60 years old he still looks incredible and is still notable for doing his own stunts in films like the Mission Impossible franchise. Is he using steroids? Who knows. But that’s not the key to his ability. The key is the workmanlike dedication he has always had to his career and his dedication to always being able to do his own stunts.

So why are people still arguing, or upset, about Mike O’Hearn claiming to be natural. Is it simply because people want to expose a liar? Because O’Hearn can’t accept that people think his success and his physique are purely due to steroids. That’s a naive statement that even open steroid users wouldn’t admit to. Is the debate just to keep drumming up views and comments and attention?

At this point, Mike O’Hearn thinks everyone is missing the point. Who cares about his natural status. Focus on the quality of his career and life’s work.


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The Problem With Focusing On Steroids Over The Hard Work

Mike O’Hearn has a big problem with the natty or not debate – but it has nothing to do with him specifically. O’Hearn believes that the focus on steroids is rewiring the new generation of aspiring bodybuilders and how they see their bodybuilding goals. This is something that others have worried about as well – perhaps not in the context of the natty or not debate – but more so in terms of the over-exaggerated value put behind steroids.

Mike O’Hearn is worried that bodybuilders are not setting themselves up for long term success and more importantly health. If an aspiring bodybuilder is asking questions about steroid cycles first, over more detailed questions regarding training and nutrition, that is a worrying sign.

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Many other pro bodybuilders have expressed that it’s important for a young bodybuilder to see how far they can go without gear first. This helps them learn their true potential and learn how their body really reacts. If this step is skipped, and a person jump straight into steroids, they lose understanding of their real natural limits and potential. This leads to burnout. In combination with the real long term effects of steroids, this can lead to real decline at a relatively earlier age.

Mike O’Hearn is still going strong into his 50s, but sees many bodybuilders burn out by early 40s. It’s completely avoidable – but modern discourse, such as focusing on natty or not status, is changing the way young bodybuilders think. And it can have really real world effect on long term health.

Wrap Up

Mike O’Hearn goes into much more detail about Dan Bilzerian, natty or not debates, and the bigger problem with steroids in modern bodybuilding. You can check it out in his conversation with Vlad Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr. in our latest episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show above. Make sure to check out new episodes every Friday only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.